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TS Aleph Implementation Group Minutes
September 8, 2005

We welcomed Matthew Daley, Access Services, who will be attending the group's meetings.  Glad to have you join us, Matthew!

Cataloging statistics

Betsy distributed information about using Aleph triggers to generate cataloging statistics.  Triggers are easy to create using the Edit/Record Triggers function, which opens a window and allows the cataloger to choose a department and enter text.  The Trigger report includes the system number, title, create date, userid, department, and text.  It can be transferred to an Excel spreadsheet for sorting. 

In order for triggers to be used to collect statistics, the following tasks need to be accomplished:

Suzy will work with the TKR Standard Group to address these issues. 

One difficulty might be determining a way to include the item count.  Michele mentioned that Jason has developed a macro to count pieces, which might be worth examining.  Rich wondered if triggers can be attached to holdings and/or items.  Previously noted problems with multiplying holdings prompted Naomi to advise caution.  Jimmie suggested the possibility of getting the item counts at the back-end when Processing creates the spine labels.

The group discussed the need to reconsider the types of statistics currently collected.  Moving forward, the statistics should be in sync with ARL requirements and serve a useful purpose.

New Title list

Reporting for Suzy, Betsy announced that there is no word yet on the SysRequest for programming to create the New Title list. It might be possible to use triggers instead of cataloger-input TKRs as the basis for the New Title list.

TS/PS/CM joint meeting

Betsy distributed Martha's 8/26/05 e-mail to TS/PS/CM department heads, which confirmed that joint meetings will be held quarterly with the next to take place on October 13.  This will be in lieu of the TS Aleph Implementation Group meeting.  In her e-mail Martha asked for names of operational staff to include and proposed an agenda.  Martha and Betsy will follow-up with the department heads.

The group discussed and finalized the agenda:

Jimmie suggested that Aleph LKR functionality be a future agenda item.


Priscilla reported that FCLA is making some progress loading the updated subject files into LCA10.  The Authorities Subcommittee is planning to meet to discuss workflows and coordinate clean-up activities.

Martha expressed TSPC's expectation that the Authorities Subcommittee will issue a strong statement about the flawed nature of Aleph's authority structure and the continuing need for FCLA support. 


The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, October 13, 10:00-11:30am, Library East Conference Room.  It will be a TS/PS/CM joint meeting.


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