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RS Preliminary LMS Migration Planning Group Minutes


November 29, 2001


The meeting consisted of a review of the status of current tasks as defined at the 10/26/01 meeting.


      Acquisition records

Open order records will be tagged and derived into the test region to prevent their being changed prior to running the test loads.


Michele distributed a list of standardized terminology to use when tagging Acquisitions records. It will be added to as necessary. Michele will check with David Allerton for possible additions to the list.


Michele explained that the rule of thumb for retaining payment data is 3-5 years. The criteria to be used for migration purposes will need to be decided statewide, but she expects that five years would be the maximum. This should be discussed at the Joint Meeting in December.


Suzanne and Michele reported that they're making progress on identifying and creating records for direct vendors. Working from ARROW reports, Michele focuses on serials and Suzanne focuses on monographs. Cecilia said the Health Science Center Library has very few vendors and doesn't need to spend time on vendor records for migration. Jean said the Law Library may not have the resources to make the direct vendor changes until late spring or early summer, and she doesn't think the direct vendor ARROW reports have been run.


No Acquisitions dummy records have been created for testing during migration yet. There are approximately four dummy records that were created previously. Suzanne will ask Trish Vice to reactivate those records.


Michele mentioned that she needs more detailed documentation from ExLibris before she can move forward with her work on fundcodes. She said Martha indicated documentation should be coming soon.


      Bad OCLC numbers

Nancy reported on the status of a project to clean up records with incorrect OCLC numbers, which are searchable using no=badoclc. [This project is not to be confused with another "bad OCLC number" project involving 80,000+ carp and remarc records with fake OCLC numbers, which should not pose a migration issue.] The no=badoclc file represents a variety of situations (e.g., (OCoLC) with RLIN record numbers, instances where ocm precedes the OCLC number, bad OCLC numbers on Preservation microfilm holdings records, bad OCLC numbers on HSCL theses). Nancy has made a lot of progress cleaning up the file and expects to have her work wrapped up by early spring. She may tag some of these records for the test load.


      Diacritics and null values

Nancy explained that there are three categories of records with null values that she and others have been tackling: NOIS, C8, and BN. FCLA has been able to establish a fmt=null search in the test region to isolate these records but hasn't been able to get the search to work in production. Dot has also come across NOIS like records, but has found it impossible to retrieve these records as a group.


       Unlinked item records

Lawan reviewed the 11/27/01 e-mail she sent to planning group members re. UF's unlinked item records. There are a total of 77,841 unlinked item records. 37,372 are inactive (i.e., Status W). Lawan assumes these inactive unlinked item records won't migrate. 40,469 are active (i.e., Status A). Lawan divided this active group into two categories: unlinked item records without Item ID (i.e., barcode) and unlinked item records with Item ID.


The group without Item ID includes 7,963 unlinked item records that have been reviewed and decided by Access Services staff to be obsolete. Lawan and Betsy contacted the branches which have these unlinked item records - Library West, Education, Music, and Science - and obtained their approval to delete them. Tim Hartigan has almost completed the job of deleting them.


The group without Item ID also includes 5,335 electronic/available online unlinked item records (i.e., URLs are in the records). These records are for reserve items and will migrate unless locations/circulation units wish to review the list and make changes.


There are two remaining types in the group without Item ID: 3,579 with location Storage and 387 others representing different scenarios. Lawan might invite Access Services staff to come talk about the Storage unlinked item records. Some of these might link to boxes containing individual items. Lawan said Database Maintenance Unit staff need to look more carefully at the remaining group of 387 unlinked item records.


Lawan divided the group of unlinked item records with Item ID into Reserve and Not Reserve. Lawan analyzed the 16,549 reserve material unlinked item records by location and pointed out that even though Library West handles 50% of total circulation (including the Health Science Center Library and Law Library), it only represents 4% of all unlinked item records for reserve materials. Lawan said she can provide a spreadsheet of unlinked reserve materials to each location upon request. Cecilia commented that it's possible the ExLibris documentation will show that we don't need to migrate the reserve records - that they'll be dealt with in some other manner in the new system.


Lawan needs to examine the 6,656 Item ID Not Reserve unlinked item records more closely, and estimates she'll have a clearer picture of this group by early January.


Cecilia reported that she forwarded to reserve staff the report of the Health Science Center Library's unlinked item records for reserve material.


Jean reported that she has been working on the unlinked item records report. Their unlinked item records fall into two main categories: Gov Docs on fiche and reserve material.


       Test record file

Dot updated the LMS Migration Project Inventory as of 11/20/01. Dot has attempted to tag records for most categories on the inventory, and she and Betsy reminded everyone of the importance of tagging records for the test file in the near term. Test data loads will begin early in 2002. Clean-up projects will continue throughout the testing period.




         Tag test records (All)

         Post updated 11/20/01 inventory on planning group Web site (Betsy)

         Review inventory and smp index to identify tagging needs (All)

         Tag open order records and derive into test region (Michele, Suzanne)

         Continue to create records for direct vendors (Michele, Suzanne)

         Reactivate existing Acquisitions dummy records (Suzanne)

         Create additional Acquisitions dummy records (Michele, Suzanne)

         Continue work with bad OCLC number records (Nancy)

         Continue work on records with null values (Nancy, Dot)

         Analyze Item ID Not Reserve unlinked item records (Lawan)

         Analyze group of 387 No Item ID unlinked item records (Lawan)



Prepared by: Betsy Simpson, November 29, 2001


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