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RS Preliminary LMS Migration Planning Group Minutes

May 14, 2001

Meeting objective:

to make sure everyone has a good understanding of the role of the preliminary group
to step back from the details of particular projects and talk about the big picture
to begin to prioritize the migration projects
to assign members oversight responsibilities

We discussed our activity and how it will feed into a future librarywide migration group. Suzanne asked about whether a consultant will be hired to help with the migration and recommended Rick Lugg and Ruth Fisher at R2 Consulting Services (63 Woodwell's Garrison, Contoocook, NH 03229, Phone 603-746-5991, Fax 603-746-6052, It was pointed out that Lydia Motyka, FCLA Training Coordinator, was hired to help with migration activities. Her responsibilities include developing a training program for the new library management system and working with the other FCLA librarians on data migration planning. Martha, Nancy - I see from Michele Newberry's 3/15/01 e-mail to TS-PLAN introducing Lydia that Lydia and Mary Ann are planning to visit each institution to talk about migration issues. Has this meeting already taken place with Dot and Nancy? Michele N.'s comments:

In anticipation of the pending selection of a new LMS, Lydia and Mary Ann O'Daniel will be contacting each institution about visiting to begin discussion of migration issues starting with what can and should be done with data cleanup prior to that point. It will also give Lydia a chance to meet you all and to start becoming familiar with your individual policies and practices.

Their plan will be to spend the bulk of the visit with technical services staff, but they would also like to include a open Q&A session with all interested staff. They won't guarantee that they have all the answers only that they'll take the questions. The plan is to start the dialogue that will initiate thinking about implementation. When Lydia and Mary Ann are ready, they will contact the TSPC member to coordinate the visit.

Betsy reported that a temporary Archivist will be hired to assist with the migration projects (70%) and also provide support for Serials Cataloging (30%). Denise is in the process of forwarding the job description to Class and Comp: POSITION DESCRIPTION (word document).

We reviewed the categories on the LMS Migration Project inventory created by Dot - bib records, order records, item records, holdings records, call numbers, authority records, other - and talked about the interrelatedness of the records. Lawan recommended revising the spreadsheet to allow for sorting the projects in a variety of ways. There was some concern expressed about working on projects now that might not turn out to be migration problems and working on projects with problems that might more easily be fixed with a new LMS. Naomi articulated that our goal should be to focus on projects involving non-standard data which, if corrected, are likely to ease the migration transition as well as address clean-up that should be done anyway.

Some projects are already underway and others need to be developed. We decided to concentrate on the following projects and regularly share status information with each other. We will meet as needed, but probably the next meeting will take place after ALA Annual.

  • 043 non-standard data on serial records and monographic set records (Naomi, Nancy)
  • 9XX issues (Jimmie, Lawan, Phek, Betsy)
  • Payment records (Suzanne, Michele) - will examine non-standard notes and identify test load records
  • Spreadsheet sort (Lawan, Betsy)
  • Call number formatting on serial records (Naomi, Nancy)
  • Call number formatting on maps records (Jimmie)
  • Diacritics (Nancy)
  • General typos (Nancy)
  • Identifying types of records which might not need to be migrated (Nancy, Suzanne and others)


Prepared by: Betsy Simpson May 31, 2001


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