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Copy Cataloging Unit

Annual Report 2011/2012


At the beginning of the new fiscal year the unit was only three months into the personnel changes of the past spring. Melissa Ware and Cindy Frey have been great additions to our unit and we appreciate the talents that they bring to it. For them, much of the year has been spent in training and they have continued developing those skills throughout the year. They finished all the last of the required training in May.

Our unit has continued to support the ongoing preparation for the High Density Storage Facility, working with both items in storage lacking copy with OCLC numbers and the cataloging of federal documents at ALF. The unit also participated in the preparation for the move to the SharedBib environment, implemented at the very end of the fiscal year, by helping with cleanup projects and testing. Todd worked closely with Michael Jay in IT to test the LKR macros for SharedBib.

Our work with the Development Office continued during the year, ensuring that gifts from donors are recognized by the library with virtual bookplates. The process for adding virtual bookplates for our many endowment funds was, after much work with FLVC, perfected and implemented. It has been ongoing since October of 2011. We have also continued our cataloging of the Panama Canal Museum Collection.

Doug, Judy Rummel, Todd Chisholm and Trey Shelton worked on creating an updated list of c/sep and analytic standing orders to reduce errors and help streamline the workflow. In late spring, the unit began preparations to take on a new workflow of some size - all non-periodical serial adds.

The unit employed several OPS staff and student assistants during the year: Gisselle Rosa, Aamer Shareef, Marco Abuaitah, Tova Katz, Darius Hands, Armando Aguilar and Lauren Watts. They did the bulk of the searching and physical processing. Gisselle cataloged a considerable amount of the DLC/PCC level material. Several were also a great help in the various cleanup projects undertaken as preparation for SharedBib. The unit also benefited from three interns during the year: Lila Sadkin, Gabby Gizaw and Theodore Doras, who joined us at the end of the year. Lila and Gabby worked over about four months for the unit, while Teo continues to work in our unit.

In FY2012 the unit cataloged 11,504 new titles and added 2,815 items to existing records.



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