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Copy Cataloging Unit

Annual Report 2010/2011


We experienced some significant personnel changes in FY11. Fern Carlson retired in March 2011 after, in Fern’s own words, 27 years and  22 hours of service. Two new staff members joined our unit in April 2011 – Cindy Frey who transferred from the Documents Department and Melissa Ware who was hired to replace Fern. Melissa previously worked at ALF on the project cataloging federal documents. In March 2011 Sharon Holder went into the drop program. During the fiscal year the unit employed 8 student assistants. Our DLC/PCC material continued to be cataloged by two able student assistants, Gisselle Rosa and Aamer Shareef.

In FY2011 the unit cataloged 11,568 new titles and added 4,049 items to records already cataloged. Among the new titles cataloged were 9,439 monographs with copy, 152 new serial titles, 930 titles in DVD and VHS formats, 794 electronic theses, 219 new audio disc titles and 51 microform titles. In all 18,749 items were added to the library’s collections this fiscal year.


Below are some of the unit’s activities in FY2011:



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