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Copy Cataloging Unit

Annual Report 2007/2008

FY2008 was a year of consolidation for the unit. This was the first year since 2004 that the unit did not expand the scope of its cataloging activities or participate in a major change in workflows or procedures. This has been the year when staff have been able to internalize and fully own the many changes we have experienced. We continue to provide support to and work with virtually all areas of the library. The unit cataloged a total of 12,714 new titles this year, including 166 serials, 285 sound discs, 755 videos (VHS & DVD) and 852 electronic theses and dissertations. In addition, the unit reclassed 1,186 titles from storage and made 320 analytic titles fully accessible to the public.


Below are some of the unit’s activities in FY2008:



Below are the activities of individual Copy Cataloging staff in FY2008:



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