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Copy Cataloging Unit

Annual Report 2008/2009

FY2009 brought the retirement of friend and coworker Gloria Cockerham. Gloria worked in our unit for almost 20 years. As expected Gloria's retirement resulted in the loss of one staff FTE; however, this loss was mitigated considerably by the promotion of Judy Rummel from Library Assistant 2 to Library Assistant 3. Because Judy had primarily cataloged DLC/PCC level records as a LA 2, two student assistants (Aamer Shareef and Ryan Crooks) were trained to catalog this material to cover Judy's previous cataloging responsibilities. During FY2009 the unit employed on average 7 student assistants for the fall and spring semesters. Student assistants continued to be an integral part of the Copy Cataloging Unit. Students searched at least 85% of the new material coming into the department. In spite of a retirement and the training required for Judy, the unit still cataloged more titles in FY2009 than FY2008. A total of 13,517 new titles were cataloged by the unit this year, including 228 serials, 103 sound discs, 785 videos (VHS & DVD) and 955 electronic theses and dissertations. In addition, the unit reclassed 1,279 titles for the first phase of the storage reclass project.


Below are some of the unit’s activities in FY2009:




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