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COPY CATALOGING -- 1998/1999

  • Staff changes: In FY 98/99 the Copy Cataloging Unit has undergone several position changes that have changed the look of the group quite a bit.  In September '98 Charlotte Jordan resigned her position as LTA Supervisor to take a position at UF's Legal Information Center.  Promoting up to replace Charlotte was Patsy Mongo who had been a Sr. LTA in the Unit.   Patsy officially began her assignment as LTA Supervisor on October 16, 1998.  As that major change was taking place Nancy Williams decided that she would like to devote more attention to the Authority/Data Quality Unit of CBS so it was decided that a replacement for the Copy Cataloging Unit head should be sought.  In November Daniel Cromwell assumed the role of the Head of the Copy Cataloging Unit.  As one of his first duties Daniel, with the help of Patsy and CBS Associate Chair Phek Su, drafted a modified description of the Sr. LTA position vacated by Patsy to begin the hiring process.  Fortunately for the Unit, a great candidate, Becky Nero-Wall materialized and was hired on February 5, 1999.   The Unit was at that point fully staffed.  Unfortunately the Unit had to say good-bye to a longtime member of the team at the end of the FY, Kimberly Hunt who was the LTA responsible for Yankee approvals.  Kimberly took a position at the Coastal Engineering Archive.
  • Goza Cataloging Project: In October of 1998, the Unit staff completed the Goza project.  815 titles donated by William and Sue Goza were added to the P.K. Yonge Library of Florida History.
  • Education Textbook Project: This project was implemented in mid-May 1998 and was completed in September 1998.  Over 500 volumes of textbooks were added to the Education Library.
  • Baldwin Cataloging Project: In October of 1998 there were talks between the Copy Cataloging Unit, Special Collections, the Chair of Resource Services and a representative of the Humanities Unit to discuss the cataloging and bringing into LUIS of books in that collection.  Fern Collins was chosen to be responsible for most of the cataloging since it was determined that this group of material consisted mostly of items with member copy.  Trish Dana, an Archivist from the Humanities Cataloging Unit, looks over and revises Ferns work.
  • Feature Film Videos: During the month of February after discussions about the workflow and the cataloging process Gloria Cockerham began cataloging of Feature Film Videos.
  • End Processing: Becky Nero-Wall took over the supervision for end processing beginning in February 1999.  Becky became the principal student overseer for the Copy Cataloging Unit.
  • Unit Statistics:
      Titles cataloged: Once again titles cataloged continued to rise.  Following is a comparison of the last three years cataloging output statistics.

      Distribution Statistics: In FY 98/99 monograph distribution was up from 31,026 to 37,827 volumes.  This was not the case however for non-book material which decreased from 14,514 in 1997/98 to 8,518 in 1998/99.  Copy and volume adds were up from 2,176 to 3,888.

      Rush Processing Statistics: The amount of Rush Requests was up over last year by 83 requests.  The percentage found slightly improved from 97% to 98%.

Prepared by: Daniel Cromwell, July 1999


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