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Copy Cataloging – 1999/2000


  • Staff changes:  In FY 99/2000 the Copy Cataloging Unit has seen several staff changes.  Departing was Becky Nero-Wall, Sr. LTA, in charge of supervising students, the processing area and distribution and sorting, at the end of August 1999.  Arriving were Douglas Smith, Becky’s replacement, on November 29, 1999 and Sandra Langston on November 15, 1999 a  Sr. LTA working with Baldwin Collection cataloging and a System liaison.  Sandra’s positions had been a reclassification of the LTA line vacated by Kimberly Hunt at the end of the last FY.  Another more subtle change was the increase by 10% of Daniel Cromwell’s time supervising the unit to 40%.

  • Gift Material:  The unit continues to search and catalog as time permits the gift material stored in the alcove, this material is destined for the Education Library for the most part.  Some MSL material dealing with Southwest Florida Water Management District documents
  • Carry Forward--Thesis Pilot Project:  In a large shipment of theses arrived in Monographs paid for through the carry forward funds.  These theses posed a major concern since so many of them arrived at one time.  We needed to plan a way to handle them in an expeditious manner.   In consultation between Monographs, CBS and Contributed Cataloging a pilot project was developed to catalog the theses in an expeditious manner.
  • Resource Services Assessment Group participation:

            Fern Collins – Communication Working Group
         Daniel Cromwell – Morale Working Group, facilitator
         Sandra Langston – Morale Working Group
         Patsy Mongo – Physical Surroundings Working Group
         Douglas Smith – Communication Working Group
         Terri Smith – Communication Working Group
         Terri Smith – Workflow/Structure Working Group

  • Baldwin Cataloging:  Soon after her arrival on November 15 1999, Sandra Langston began working with Fern Collins to familiarize herself with Baldwin Collection cataloging procedures.  Sandra and Fern worked together for about two weeks in which Sandra quickly acquired the skills she needed to perform copy cataloging and genre and other special access point assignments
  • Tracking “In Process” Materials:  Changes were implemented in the “In Process” tracking workflow to improve the process. 
  • Unit Statistics:  
                Titles cataloged:
      This year we experienced a drop in titles cataloged.  This is mostly likely due to a drop in materials received and staffing shortages at various periods of the year.   Following is a comparison of the last three years cataloging output statistics.  Distribution statistics of the material received follows in the next section.

                                1997/98                 1998/99                 1999/2000                Difference from last year
         Titles:                       25488                      25879                       22124                            -3755
         Adds:                       2416                        2847                         1778                              -1069
         Vols.:                       28656                      29873                        24801                            -5072

Distribution Statistics:  This year we have had an overall decrease in material distributed for cataloging.  Please refer to the figures below for a comparison of this year and last year.

                                1998/99                 1999/2000                Difference from last year
         Monographs               37827                       34532                            -3295
         Non-book*                  8518                         2139                              -6379
            Adds                         3888                         1050                              -2383

*Includes: CDs, Video-recordings, Microforms, etc.
Rush Processing Statistics:  The amount of Rush Requests was down this year by 237 requests.  The percentage found was down from 98% last year to 93% this year.

                                   1998/99                 1999/2000                Difference from last year
Request received            526                        289                                    -237
            Request found                516                        271                                    -245
            Percentage                    98%                       94%                                   -5%

Prepared by: Daniel Cromwell, September 17, 2001


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