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        Respect each other

        Be flexible

        Give feedback

        Listen and be open to the unexpected

        Think a moment before you act

        Give recognition for a job well done

        Remember to say "Thank you"

        Acknowledge co-workers - say "Hi"

        Share news and humor

        Be aware of your voice level

        Pay attention to the small details

        Don't pass on problems you can easily resolve

        Go the extra mile to assist non-RS staff and users

        Discuss personal or public issues or work suggestions in private

        Don't spend an excessive amount of time discussing personal life at work

        Leave initialed note when leaving something on co-workers desk

        Leave initialed note when borrowing booktrucks and other items

        Be aware of the workloads of other staff

        Minimize interruptions to others

        Ask "May I interrupt you?" or "Is this a convenient time for a question?"

        Remember: just because it's a priority for you doesn't mean it's a priority for others

        Do to others what you would have them do to you

        As much as possible, respond promptly to requests and questions

        Don't replace personal contact with e-mail

        Don't be afraid to make preferences known (e-mail, personal contact, etc.)

        Acknowledge and respond to job-related e-mails

        Be careful about forwarding private e-mails to new audiences: consider whether or not you need to check with e-mail sender first

Courtesy list written in response to a recommendation of the Communications Working Group – see                      

Prepared by: Betsy Simpson, September 14, 2001


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