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Improve interface between Aleph and WorldCat/Open Worldcat

Prepare for Aleph upgrade to Version 18

Participate in reclassification projects for material in branches

Develop non-MARC metadata workflows (EAD, MODS)

Investigate options for a single bib interface in catalog

Assess impact of LC series decision and make adjustments

Support Special and Area Studies Collections Department cataloging priorities (e.g., Cooper Science Collection)

Collaborate with FCLA to develop and employ authority maintenance reports

Expand formats handled by Copy Cataloging

Batchload backlog of Marcive records

Enhance cataloging statistics report to support manager needs as well as to contribute data to local and ARL statistics databases

Provide cataloging support for NEH Baldwin grant

Prepared by: Betsy Simpson

Created: May 15, 2006

Revised: August 30, 2006


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