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Cataloging and Metadata
George A. Smathers Libraries
University of Florida
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Gainesville, FL 32611-7004

Telephone: (352) 273-2675
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Division of Scholarly Resources and Research Services
Cataloging and Metadata Department

RDA Planning



Review the Webinars, slides, manuals, quizzes, and exercises for the following titles:

  1. FRBR Fundamental Concepts
  2. FRBR Practicum: Applying the Concepts
  3. FRBR, RDA, and MARC
  4. Using the RDA Toolkit


  • February-March 2013 - PCC RDA in NACO name authorities training

  • March-April 2013 - PCC RDA NACO Series "Bridge" Training

  • March 31, 2013 - all NACO authorities (name and series) must be submitted as RDA

  • Spring/Summer 2013 - UF target for beginning to submit original RDA records; implementation will be staggered focusing first on priority areas (e.g., Florida, LAC).  Modules 1-6 at Library of Congress RDA Training Materials will need to be completed prior to implementation.


Per the Library of Congress, "Proposals for new subject headings that are based on an authorized heading from the NAF... should reflect the heading at the time the proposal is submitted.  Policy specialists will revise the proposal during the approval process if necessary."

Local policies

Format teams

Goals: review rules governing format, create practice records, provide one-on-one and/or group instruction utilizing existing training as desired

  • Books (including rare) - Jane Anne, Jackie, Randy, Greg
  • Continuing Resources (serials, integrating resources) - Naomi, Cindy, Hank
  • Maps - Jimmie, Jorge
  • Videos - Hikaru, Trish
  • Music - Peter

Authorities - Priscilla

Copy Cataloging - Doug

What do copy catalogers need to know? 
What types of mistakes should be flagged/corrected?

How should hybrid records be handled?
Are local policy decisions needed?

Local handouts

New 3xx Fields in RDA (revised 3-22-13)


RDA Test Record Downloads

Changes from AACR2 to RDA: Comparison of Examples by Adam Schiff


Sharepoint site

ALCTS RDA Webinars

RDA Toolkit

Access at

Also available via Cataloger's Desktop


Resource Description and Access (print version; in reference collection)

Introducing RDA: A Guide to the Basics by Chris Oliver (in reference collection)

Program for Cooperative Cataloging


Library of Congress

Training documents, presentations, exercises, and examples of records as well as to other RDA related sites

Joint Steering Committee for Development of RDA




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