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Cataloging and Metadata Department

FY05 Annual Report

After weathering the Aleph migration and a reorganization - major events in the life of any cataloging department - the staff emerged to face a host of new issues including, to name a few, post-STP problems and training needs, serials cataloging staffing changes, the ever-increasing pressure to batchload large groups of records, and the need to improve workflow between the department and other areas of the library.  As usual, the department took a deep breath, then got to work.  The result was a year filled with some frustrations but many accomplishments.  The report below highlights progress in key areas but does not begin to cover all of the department's activities and successes of the year.  The individual unit/area annual highlights provide a fuller picture:

Copy Cataloging Unit
Science and Social Science Cataloging Unit

Humanities and Special Collections Cataloging Unit

Authorities and Metadata Quality Unit

Principal Serials Cataloger



Lead Aleph post-STP cataloging activities
Contributed to:

Improve cataloging processes


Implement serials cataloging workflow

  • Led in-depth serials training utilizing material from the Serials Cataloging Cooperative Training Program (SCCTP):

Basic Serials course (19 participants), November 2004 with later make-up classes

Advanced Serials course (13 participants), February 2005 with later make-up classes

  • Provided one-on-one review
  • Reassigned FTE to support serials cataloging activities
  • Created supporting documentation (see serials-related procedures at What's New in AlephPro)

Develop authority control mechanisms

  • Reviewed LCA10 updates and gave feedback to FCLA
  • Performed extensive review and revision of UFU10 series authorities
  • Collaborated actively with SUL colleagues via the TSPC Authorities Subcommittee
  • Investigated possibilities for outsourcing authority maintenance activities
  • Created new faculty position to address authority issues for digitized material

Incorporate PromptCat and OCLC Bib Notification into workflow for YBP and Blackwell's material          

  • Set up PromptCat and OCLC Bib Notification profiles and revised as needed
  • Established process for loading files
  • Laid groundwork for new YBP shelf-ready workflow whereby material will be checked against invoice in Acquisitions and sent directly to the owning locations

Additional significant happenings included:

Cataloging statistics for FY00-FY05 for the Copy Cataloging Unit, Science and Social Science Cataloging Unit, and Humanities and Special Collections Cataloging Unit (including pre-reorganization unit structure) reflect budgetary fluctuations as well as varying demands from one year to the next.  The staff have shown remarkable perseverence in tackling issues surrounding the transition to a new library management system and are commended for their ongoing efforts to streamline workflow, address training needs, absorb special projects (e.g., reclass), and participate in grant work.

Batchloaded records included the following new titles in addition to Table of Contents records:

Books 24x7=1,657 new titles

Early English Books Online (EEBO)=42,164 new titles (plus 32,084 overlays)

Eighteenth Century Collections Online (ECCO)=127,000 new titles

Gale Virtual Reference Library=29 new titles

History E-books=234 new titles

netLibrary=10,868 new titles

PastMasters=3 new titles

Total count=181,955 new titles

CONSER stats dipped considerably during FY05 (203 new and updated records).  A number of factors impacted this downturn, which should ease in the coming year: 1) transition to a distributed serials cataloging workflow 2) related training/learning curve for staff 3) difficulties in working with serials in Aleph and 4) delay in readjusting FTE assigned to serials cataloging.

Foreign language outsourcing

OCLC TechPro cataloged 60 Hebrew books.  David Bade, Original Monograph Cataloger at the University of Chicago Library, assisted with the cataloging of 3 books in Amharic on a volunteer basis, and a UF graduate student transcribed 9 books in Amharic.

Microform analytics

Added 1,706 microfiche titles:

Major studies and issue briefs of the Congressional Research Service. Supplement (1,453 titles)

Health, physical education and recreation microform publications (253 titles)

Arrearage titles

26% decrease from FY04 to FY05

ARREARAGE 2/96 6/97 6/98  7/99  7/00 6/01 10/02 10/03 10/04 9/05
Fine Arts 480 242 239 217 104 103 10 9 9 0
Humanities 1701 1287 934 903 467 395 230 226 226 0
LAC 4050 2806 2413 2049 1602 986 878 865 829 829
Science 1079 884 414 112 81 76 67 39 18 0
Social Sciences 2327 1963 1411 689 290 119 108 102 93 22
Microform no stat no stat 144 104 104 104 77 77 77 77
TOTAL 9637 7182 5555 4074 2648 1783 1370 1318 1252 928


Migrate to OCLC Connexion

Complete retrospective cataloging of databases

Establish department training committee

Support reclassification efforts

Provide cataloging support for NEH Baldwin and SOLINET grants

NEH Baldwin

  • Supervised NEH Baldwin Project Cataloger
  • Assisted with hiring and training of Archivist
  • Collaborated with Project Cataloger and Curator to review workflow and revise procedural documentation
  • Project on target for meeting cataloging quota
  • Filled vacancy resulting from appointment of grant Project Cataloger (temporary Sr. Archivist in Humanities and Special Collections Cataloging Unit devoted to special collections cataloging)


  • Created cataloging guidelines and performed cataloging of 45 Kohler Theology Collection pamphlets per month to meet grant quota

Implement Blackwell's Table of Contents service


Prepared by: Betsy Simpson
Created: September 1, 2005



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