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Cataloging and Metadata Department

FY05 Annual Report


Below is a selected list of issues and demands on staff that affected cataloging output:

CopyCat Sr.LTA (Susan's old line)-eliminated to fund 6 upgrades (FY03)

HumCat Archivist (Stephen's line)-eliminated to fund PromptCat (FY04)

Yue resigned February 2005

Marcia resigned June 2005

Copy Cataloging Sr. LTA position unfilled until January 2005 (formerly Margaret Seals' position)

Copy Cataloging LTA position unfilled from January-April 2005 (formerly Todd Chisholm's position)

Other factors were previously noted in the 2000-2002 Throughput Study (in particular, see "Other demands on cataloger time")


Prepared by: Betsy Simpson
Created: September 15, 2005



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