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Cataloging and Metadata Department

FY09 Annual Report

The Cataloging and Metadata Department contributed to many library initiatives throughout the year, including the following highlights:

For detailed unit and program reports, see the links below:

Copy Cataloging Unit
Science and Social Science Cataloging Unit

Humanities and Special Collections Cataloging Unit

Authorities and Metadata Quality Unit

Principal Serials Cataloger (including CONSER)



The FY00-09 stats for the Copy Cataloging Unit, Humanities and Special Collections Cataloging Unit, and Science and Social Science Cataloging Unit remained stable relative to the prior year.  22,535 titles were cataloged, including 4,525 original records. 

Below is the status of the department's FY09 goals:

Review cataloging statistics collection process and participate in efforts to develop a Web-based interface

Gave input at preliminary meeting; waiting for IT to provide draft version to review.

Contribute to discussions and activities associated with transition to new primary domestic monograph vendor

Played active role in migration by attending meetings, reviewing specs, and giving detailed feedback as process was implemented.

Improve workflow for digital projects, including metadata revision/creation for items not requiring MARC records

  • Established framework for loading UFDC records into Endeca and OCLC (see UFDC Record Flow); decided to focus on loading MARC-based UFDC titles first, which involved working closely with DLC to map UFDC data to MARC.
  • Developed and maintain a spreadsheet to consolidate detailed information concerning digital projects.
  • Substantially completed the cataloging of IFAS reports and made significant progress with the Hildebrand Collection cataloging.
  • Collaborated with DLC to create set records for approximately 300 FIRM digitized map series from 7,000 sheet level records. 

Reclass AFA Dewey collection and assist with inventory update as needed

Project completed; 11,000 titles were reclassified.

Substantially complete Coastal Archives cataloging (95% goal)

Exceeded goal; project essentially completed.

Adjust hiring and workflows to accommodate decrease in OPS allocation

Successful in hiring Federal Work Study students as much as possible.  Fewer incoming items also made the impact of the reduced budget less burdensome.

Work with selectors to complete review of problem backlog material

Review completed and material is integrated into workflow.

Cooperative Programs

  • Obtain NACO independent status for Chinese and Japanese language headings - Given independent status.
  • Increase BIBCO contributions by 10% - Exceeded goal with an overall increase of 22% from FY08.
  • Become a member of the Library of Congress Electronic Cataloging in Publication Program (ECIP) - Working with the Library of Congress to begin implementation.
  • Meet the CONSER goal of 400 new and revised records - Goal accomplished.

Provide input into planning for new storage facility, including workflow analysis to address uncataloged items (e.g., government documents)

Collaborated with Government Documents on two in-depth pilot projects/reports.  Reassigned staff and implemented project Summer 2009.

Provide cataloging support for NEH Baldwin Phase III grant

Completed Phase III in May 2009.  Under the leadership of Jane Anne Carey, Project Cataloger, 4,750 records, including 2,040 original bibs (43%) and 2,710 enhanced bibs (57%), were contributed to OCLC, exceeding the grant goal of 4,687 records.  In addition, grant catalogers submitted 486 NACO authorities (162 series, 138 personal names, and 186 corporate names) to the national authority file.  1,768 titles were sent to the Digital Library Center for digitization. 


Prepared by: Betsy Simpson
October 2009


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