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Goals for the H & SC Unit 2007-2008

Support the Department’s goal of improving workflows, and increasing contributions to Cooperative Programs.  Work to decrease backlogs, and to increase access to Special Collections materials.


  • Reclass problems from the AFA Dewey collection.
  • Continue to guarantee that Special Collections workflows continue in a timely manner, until such time as the Rare Books Cataloger position may be filled.
  • Work with selectors to complete reviews of problem backlog materials.
  • Obtain NACO independent status for Chinese personal name headings.
  • Continue to investigate ways to add Cyrillic characters to local records.
  • Increase BIBCO contributions by 10%
  • Contribute to the Library of Congress Electronic Cataloging in Publication Program (ECIP).
  • Contribute to the CONSER goal of 400 new and revised records.
  • Provide cataloging support for the NEH Baldwin Phase III grant (to end 12/31/08).




Prepared by: Nancy Mitchell Poehlmann
Date: June 11, 2008


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