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Goals for the SCAFAH Unit 2002-2003

  • Improve the unit's ability to catalog in all formats by further training: conduct a microform training/refresher session (Steve Fuquay)

  • Increase the number of BIBCO records contributed

  • Receive training in submitting subject heading proposals from SACO liaison

  • Work to eliminate or reduce the last of SCAFAH's arrearages by working them into the Unit's workflow.

  • Continue to collaborate with Special Collections Dept. to define priorities and allocate cataloging resources

  • Write up procedures and goals for the cataloging of East Asian materials and post on CATPRO (Yue Li)

  • Explore sources for outsourcing materials in addition to OCLC TechPro, especially for Africana (Yue Li)

  • Update SCAFAH cataloging and training documentation and homepage: revisit mission statement (carry over from 2001-2002)

  • Actively participate in the departmental effort to migrate to the new LMS: participate in record review and ALEPH training

  • Continue to fulfill SCAFAHs responsibilities vis a vis the NEH Baldwin cataloging project and the NEFLIN cataloging project

Prepared by: Tatiana Barr , August 31, 2002



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