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Goals for the SCAFAH Unit 2004-2005

In the interest of incorporating the national goals established at the ARL Conference on Exposing Hidden Collections held in 2003 to decrease uncataloged special collections arrearages nationally, work with Special Collections to further define goals for special collections cataloging. This will include:  

  • Learning how to do collection-level records
  • Collaborating with Special Collections to select priority collections/categories to catalog with collection level records
  • Continue to improve the rate of rare book cataloging  

Continue to increase the number of BIBCO records submitted and the NACO and SACO work, and maintain current levels of cataloging for all original and shared cataloging. This goal will include:  

  • Learning how to submit subject headings to LC ( SACO) (All)
  • Organize SACO training sessions (Tatiana)  

Incorporate the cataloging of electronic databases into the Humanities and Special Collections workflow.  

Learn to perform all aspects of electronic resources cataloging for websites, databases, and other formats.  

Continue to support reclassification initiatives connected to library building and moving.  

Continue to carry out responsibilities connected to our assignments as cataloging liaisons for Digital Library Center projects.  

SCAFAH unit head will fulfill her responsibilities as Cataloging Consultant to the NEH Baldwin Library Cataloging Project, Phase II: 1870-1889.

  • Supervise Project Librarian
  • Assistant in training of Project Archivist
  • Act as Catalog Consultant  

Attend training for OCLC Connexion and incorporate Connexion into workflow.  

Hire and train a new archivist in temporary 2-year position vacated by Jane Anne Carey.  

Continue participation in Kohler Victorian Theology Pamphlet Project (2 unit members with ongoing goal of 45 titles cataloged per month.


Prepared by: Tatiana Barr , October 15, 2004


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