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Goals for the H & SC Unit 2005-2006

Complete final phase of the Kohler Theological Pamphlet Preservation Project (two unit members participating, Steve Fuquay as consultant, Randy Jewett as cataloger)


Complete existing backlog of AFA Master's Projects for Architecture (approximately 100 titles)


Have unit specialist in DVD and video cataloging train several members of the Copy Cataloging Unit in copy cataloging of DVD and video documentaries


Unit Head will participate in presentation of FRBR class sponsored by NEFLIN (November 15, 2006)


Unit Head and unit member (Beatriz Lugo) will increase the number of Humanities serial titles cataloged and upgraded to CONSER level


Unit Head will review Humanities and Judaica serial issues in older serials backlog, and catalog them or route them into unit workflow


Unit CJK specialist will apply for grant from the North American Coordinating Council on Japanese Library Resources for Multi-Volume Sets, and administer the grant if awarded


Unit member specializing in NACO review for name/title series authority records will seek to achieve independent reviewer status


Train unit in copy cataloging of electronic databases


Selected unit members will assist in Dewey reclass project activities, as needed


Unit Head will receive training in creation of finding aids for University Archives using locally created software          


Prepared by: Steve Fuquay


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