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Goals for the H & SC Unit 2006-2007

Support the Department’s goal of expanding formats handled by Copy Cataloging. DVD and video documentary shared have already been transferred. With the increased percentage of newly available staff time, support the cataloging priorities of the Special and Area Studies Collections Department.


Provide training to Patricia Dana in rare books and serials. Patricia will work with Naomi Young and Steve Fuquay.


Train Copy Cataloging to do copy cataloging of music CDs (Peter Bushnell)


Identify and catalog rare music materials (Peter Bushnell working with Jim Liversidge)


Work on increasing the number of CONSER serial records with a special focus on rare serials (Beatriz Lugo and Patricia Dana)


Provide cataloging support to any new gifts and donations to Special Collections (in collaboration and guidance of Rita Smith, interim head), with the Cooper Science Collection being the firs possible collection (currently in consultation with Rita Smith; decision pending)


Support the Department's goal of developing non-MARC metadata workflows (EAD, MODS)


Ask a cataloger to volunteer to learn how to create EAD finding aids using a software program developed by John Nemmers (chief trainer) (Hikaru Nakano volunteered)


Explore the implement the inclusion of Cyrillic vernacular in our cataloging (Randy Jewett, Peter Bushnell, and Hikaru) with the long-term goal of making it searchable.


Continue to provide cataloging support for the NEH project which will now be extended with the help of Library financiang from Oct. 1 2006-July 2007 at which time we will know if the Library has won a 3rd grant (Steve Fuquay as coordinator replacing Tatiana)


Develop and implement a plan to incorporate the items in the "old serials backlog" into the unit workflow (Everybody under the guidance of Steve Fuquay) 


Review and complete cataloging of the Africana vernacular backlog (Randy Jewett)


Complete the cataloging of the last of the Humanities microfilm backlog (about 20-30 titles).




Prepared by: Steve Fuquay


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