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SCAFAH Unit Accomplishments and Highlights 2002/2003


It has been a very active and productive year for SCAFAH. In addition to keeping current with the incoming workflow and absorbing some special projects, the focus this year has been on training both within the Unit and outside, and improving the rare book cataloging workflow. In addition, the Unit’s members accomplished quite a number of other things, both individually and as a group. I want to take this occasion to thank everyone for their contribution to our Unit’s varied responsibilities and goals.


Overall we cataloged fewer titles this year (6,895 as opposed to last year’s 8,173).  This number reflects a decrease in the number of incoming books and the change in the RSD workflow towards the end of the year with more shared (both books and videos) being finished in CBS. We currently have no arrearage of current incoming books. On the other hand, SCAFAH showed an increase in the number of original records cataloged (1,554 as opposed to last year’s 1,162) and a marked increase in rare book cataloging after SCAFAH met with Jeffrey Barr to revise the rare book cataloging workflow and set goals. Overall, the activity in the last few months of this reporting year, after the new procedures (and goals) were put in place, were more productive than for any other equivalent time period in the year before or in 2003! The total for this year reflects this. The “Rare Book Cataloging” team (Steve, Randy, Beatriz, with some help from Tatiana) cataloged 349 titles, as opposed to last year’s 264, an increase of 30%+, and the team of SCAFAH should be commended for their efforts and commitment to this goal. We hope to continue this and to continue to broaden our special collections cataloging base and participation by others. In addition, SCAFAH has this to report:

  • Completed the cataloging of the high priority Hernan Vera Latin American video gift of approx. 150 titles in a timely fashion, using K-Level cataloging records. All SCAFAH members participated. We are expecting more titles in the near future.
  • After training, SCAFAH has begun to finish the SCAFAH microform arrearage by arranging that each cataloger catalog a film a week (Steve Fuquay)
  • SCAFAH kept up with LTQF electronic resource records for the NEH Baldwin Project which are still coming in (346 records end-cataloged)
  • Tatiana Barr cataloged 292 20th century Baldwin titles (shared; enhanced according to Baldwin guidelines) as part of her cost share contribution to the  NEFLIN project of which she was PI. The NEFLIN project ended Oct. 2002.
  • Unfortunately, we did not increase the number of BIBCO records, despite the fact that we did more original records and we will look to see how we can keep improving in this area.
  • As Master Microform Set Coordinator, Randy Jewett added the following sets and number of titles from the OCLC website into the LUIS database:

American Architectural Books       957  film
Spanish Civil War Collection        2225   film
Papers of NAACP                          70   film
Fowler Collection of Early
Architectural Book                        507 film
Major Studies and Issues              378 film 
                                                 4137 film                       

Major Studies and Issue Briefs       742  fiche
Landmarks of Science II                269 fiche
Health, Phys Ed & Recreation       588  fiche
Housing & Urban Affairs                650  fiche
Kraus Curr. Dev. Library                580 fiche                
                                                 3279 fiches           

  • Tatiana began cataloging rare serials on a regular basis and cataloged 13 rare serial titles. She is also learning how to contribute them to CONSER with the help of SerCat. The serial statistics are reported to SerCat; Tatiana also performed original cataloging for 11 Yoruba titles and shared copy for 10 Amharic.
  • Yue Li completed the outsourcing of Hebraica provided for by the current budget and outsourced 75 titles.
  • Yue also completed the manual review and correction of 152 records which were part of the OCLC project for conversion to pinyin, and the enhancement of 56 Japanese records with vernacular before stopping because of the complexities of migrating vernacular to ALEPH.
  • Yue Li and Stephen Chen did shared cataloging for 973 titles and Yue did original cataloging for approximately 40 titles (approximate because he did not break down his original numbers which includes general humanities in all formats).Yue also cataloged 3 Chinese serials for Serials.
  • Patricia Dana accepted the assignment to do original cataloging for new acquisitions for 19th and 20th c. Baldwin Library children’s literature and cataloged 28 titles.
  • Steve Fuquay continued his 10% assignment to the second year of the LSTA grant to enhance rare book records as reviewer/consultant (the NEH for which Tatiana Barr was consultant ended April 2003)


SCAFAH invested quite a bit of time in training this year.

SCAFAH was given a special high priority project, to catalog approx. 150 Latin American videos title funded by the Hernan Vera Fund. With input from Patricia Dana, the chief resource person for videos in SCAFAH, Tatiana and Patricia prepared some guidelines for K-Level cataloging of these and future Hernan Vera acquisitions. Patricia then supervised the training, workflow, distribution, and review of these records to accomplish the cataloging within five-six weeks. The Unit is thus ready to absorb any future influx of other Hernan Vera videos.

Steve Fuquay completed his guidelines for training/refreshing everyone in SCAFAH in microform cataloging, held a training session, and had catalogers catalog a microfilm for review. The catalogers were then asked to work the last of the SCAFAH Humanities Microfilm Arrearage (ca. 50 titles) into their workflow (April 2003). We hope to extend this to include Florida History microfilms in collaboration with Social Sciences.

Tatiana Barr conducted seven one-and-a-half hour classes in LC Classification to train Central Bibliographic Services staff and other interested catalogers in LC classification in the humanities (June-August 2003). Several catalogers in SCAFAH participated. Tatiana Barr, in collaboration, with Susan Constantineau and then Jackie Brown, provided two sessions on Library of Congress’s Class Web product: an introduction and an advanced class (Fall 2002 and Summer 2003)

Patricia Dana trained Fern Carlson of Central Bibliographic Services to do copy cataloging of 20th c. Baldwin children’s literature books. (May 2003)

Tatiana attended a full-day FCLA ALEPH data review training session and then participated with the other representatives from RSD in training RSD staff  (Sept. 2002)

Tatiana did a presentation for RSD on the SACO program (Feb. 2003): The SACO (Subject Authority Cooperative Program): The More the Better

Steve Fuquay in collaboration with Jimmie Lundgren gave an overview of OCLC’s CATME software (April 2003)

Tatiana attended a one-day conference by the State Library in Orlando on the upcoming Electronic Library in Florida. (May 2003)

Beatriz Lugo attended a one-day NEFLIN workshop of “Learning LC Classification” in Orange Park, Fla. (May, 2003)

Stephen Chen received training on how to catalog Electronic Theses and began to work on them, before they were transferred to Central Bibliographic Services as part of the change in RSD workflow.

Other Training Received By SCAFAH: New procedures for processing and labeling CDs for new jewel case security system (March 2003); we all attended a workshop on “Violence on Campus and Domestic Violence” given by University Personnel (July 2003); BIBCO review given by Jimmie Lundgren on August 11, 2003.

Collaboration with Special and Area Studies Collections Dept.

The Rare Book Cataloging Team (Steve Fuquay (original); Randy Jewett and Beatriz Lugo (Shared); and Tatiana (Rare serials and misc.) met several times with the Rare Book Curator to further refine the cataloging procedures to ensure a steady stream of materials pre-processed for the catalogers to pick up. We established a minimum of five books a week, and Tatiana emphasized the importance of regularly monitoring the To Be Cataloged Shelves by Flo Turcotte, who is responsible for pre-processing. A tracking system was developed by the Curator to help retrieve books since in this interim there was an increased demand for Cuban books. Productivity has increased. (The fact that RSD workflow changed in this interim has also influenced this process, since catalogers were freed up to do more rare book cataloging.)


SCAFAH members participated in the ALEPH 101 training provided by Denise Bennett and Tatiana volunteered as a rover to work with other staff.

All SCAFAH members contributed to the ongoing data subset reviews.

Systems Liaisons

Both Randy Jewett and Beatriz Lugo deserve special thanks for the good work they are doing as systems liaisons

Procedures and Documentation

Yue Li wrote up and posted a document in CATPRO on procedures and guidelines for cataloging CJK materials which will help document ongoing and changing selector priorities, decisions, projects, etc. for all CJK materials.

SCAFAHs mission statement. SCAFAH updated its mission statement to conform to current expectations and realities and linked the Digital Team Assignments site to the SCAFAH site

The Baldwin Monograph Cataloging Procedures were rewritten to reflect the current cataloging of new incoming 20th century materials only (Tatiana Barr and Phek Su) (Catalogers: Patricia Dana and Fern Carlson).

Tatiana revised a SCAFAH document “LC Classification By Cataloging Units” for CATPRO on the division of cataloging by LC Classification and Subject areas.

Steve Fuquay completed and posted “The Cataloging of Microforms: Training Guidelines” (May, 2003)

Staff Development, Transitions, Presentations, Committee Work, etc.

Stephen Chen was promoted to Archivist and began training in original cataloging.

Beatriz Lugo received the “Standing Ovation Award” at the December 2002 Staff Awards ceremonies; other members of SCAFAH received several nominations for the award.

Steve Fuquay was elected Chair/Elect to the Florida Library Association’s State University System Interest Group.

Yue Li was invited to join The Libraries’ Staff Development Committee

Tatiana and Yue participated in the People’s Awareness Week Committee; Yue arranged for a special martial arts club demonstration for the International Luncheon (Spring 2003)

Tatiana was a member of the Travel Allocations Committee which worked on new guidelines for allocating travel funds (Sept.-Dec. 2002); the ALEPH Cataloging Training Group; joined the Library News Editorial Board; invited to become the coordinator for the Florida Chapter of ACRL Newsletter (online) to collect information about librarians’ activities at UF.

Beatriz became Greg Allen’s backup in his work as Web Master for the RSD website, and joined the RS Web Team Committee. She also continues to act as co-editor of RSD’s newsletter, “Four Floors

Tatiana Barr’s article on “The Joys of Cataloging the Works of Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings” appeared in the Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Journal of Florida Literature (Spring 2003).

Her article on “Opening Up Special Collections to the Public: A Partnership Between Cataloging and the Special and Area Studies Collections Department of the University of Florida” was accepted by the Technical Services Quarterly to be published in v. 21, no. 4.

Tatiana did a  presentation for ALA mid-winter for the Cataloging Norms Discussion Group (Jan. 2003): Digitization and Cataloging Face Off: Digital Projects’ Demands on Cataloging.

Yue Li did a presentation entitled “Inconsistency Under Consistent Rules:  Issues on Chinese Cataloging in OCLC CJK” at the Council of East Asian Libraries Annual Conference, in New York, N.Y., March 26-28, 2003.

Prepared by Tatiana Barr
Last Updated: September 15, 2003


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