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SCAFAH Unit Accomplishments and Highlights

including SACO Report




Incorporate the national goals established at the ARL Conference on Exposing Hidden Collections held in 2003 to decrease uncataloged special collections arrearages nationally and work with Special Collections to further define goals for special collections cataloging. This will include:


  • Learn how to do collection-level records  (Steve Fuquay)
  • Collaborate with Special Collections to select priority collections/categories to catalog with collection level records.
  • Continue to improve the rate of rare book cataloging.


PROGRESS: We were able to hire a Sr. Archivist whose responsibilities would be to catalog special collections materials, with a special focus on collection-level cataloging.


  • Hank Young (Sr. Archivist) and Steve Fuquay developed special collections cataloging guidelines
  • After consulting with Tatiana, Hank and Jim Liversidge, curator of the Belknap Collection, decided which parts of the Belknap Collection were ready for collection-level records. He has also done collection level records for Rare Books and Archives.
  • Hank has cataloged 72 collection-level records that include many of the sub-collections of the Belknap Collection and Rare Book Collections. For an easy reference as the names, linear feet, and numbers of item, see the Raw Data EXCEL sheet Hank has been compiling. Refer to the items marked CLR or those that refer to archival boxes, files, etc. Sent as an insert in Email. Many of these collection-level records represent proposed treatment in our Inventory of Uncataloged Material.
  • Hank has also contributed to the cataloging of rare books and thus to the overall rate.


Keep informed of the activities of the state-level Task Force for Special Collections Cataloging, established summer 2004.


PROGRESS: Tatiana checked in on their site a few times, but there seemed to be no appreciable activity.


Continue to increase the number of BIBCO records submitted and the NACO and SACO   work, and maintain current levels of cataloging for all original and shared cataloging. This goal will include:


  • Learning how to submit subject headings to LC (SACO)  (All)
  • Organize SACO training sessions (Tatiana)


PROGRESS: Tatiana organized one SACO training session on submitting simple pattern headings and developed two online forms for catalogers to use. The goal for 2005/2006 is to encourage catalogers to actively use these forms to submit SACO proposals.


SACO at UF Report:


The Department submitted 59 subject headings 2004/2005. All have been so far accepted except for 2.


Increase the number of CJK records in the database with vernacular script to meet the information needs of faculty, students, and other users. Continue to work with FCLA to complete project to make CJK vernacular searchable in the online catalog.



Humanities & Special Collections Cataloging Unit (All) will set as a goal the cataloging of the most recent Architecture research arrearage sent to us by AFA (Beatriz Lugo will coordinate this effort)


PROGRESS: Done in a timely fashion. AFA satisfied.


Humanities & Special Collections Cataloging Unit will participate in the project to catalog retrospective and incoming electronic databases for the humanities.


PROGRESS: This goal has been deferred to next year. Chiefly, because of the many other things we did, but we are ready to proceed. In the meantime, Peter Bushnell has ably assisted us in keeping up with those our unit received.


Randy Jewett (5% FTE) will participate in 2-year Kohler Victorian Theology Cataloging Project funded by SOLINET which began Aug. 2004 (target 45 records a month); Steve Fuquay (5% FTE) will continue to revise and act as consultant for the project.


PROGRESS:  Randy and Steve and Tatiana developed Kohler project guidelines and Randy has been successful in meeting each months shipment of 40 titles. We will be able to meet the projects goal of 700+ titles.


Peter Bushnell will continue to catalog individual CDs and LPs of the Florida Music Collection in the Belknap Collection of Performing Arts.


PROGRESS: Accomplished. Peter catalogs Florida Music Collection items on a regular basis and has incorporated it into his goals.


Other Cataloging Accomplishments (Outside stated goals)


We finished the last of the humanities book arrearage, a total of about 100+ titles. The goal for 2005/2006 is to complete the microfilm arrearage of about 50+ titles.

The unit was asked to catalog Rita’s donation of Caldecott books to the Baldwin Library. Tatiana Barr consulted with Rita Smith and worked with Doug Smith to catalog the ca. 150 Caldecott Books that Rita contributed to the Baldwin Collection. The collection was searched in Copy Cataloging and records slightly modified to “Baldwinize” them, and they are now being cataloged. Patricia Dana and Tatiana worked on guidelines and the entire unit helped. The Unit has already cataloged about 2/3. The rest are waiting to be searched when Doug’s students return.


Training, Projects, Grants, etc.


Designated members of Humanities & Special Collections Cataloging Unit will receive serials/CONSER training. We incorporate the serials assigned to Humanities & Special Collections Cataloging Unit into our workflow.



  • Beatriz Lugo, Yue Li, Tatiana Barr, and Hank Young (attended advanced serials cataloging) received the serials/CONSER training.
  • Serials cataloging/CONSER was performed by Hank Young, the new Sr. Archivist.
  • Beatriz Lugo’s job description will be changed to formally include serials as part of her responsibilities.


Continue to support Dewey reclassification initiatives connected to library building and moving.


PROGRESS: Not applicable since preparatory work and some initial reclassification was being handled by the Database Maintenance Unit and we have not yet been asked to start working on the project.



Humanities & Special Collections Cataloging Unit unit head, Tatiana, will fulfill her responsibilities as Cataloging Consultant  (10%FTE) to the NEH Baldwin Library Cataloging Project, Phase II: 1870-1889.

  • Participate in search for new Sr. Archivist.
  • Supervise Project Librarian        
  • Assist in training of Project Archivist
  • Act as Catalog Consultant




NEH Baldwin Project Cataloger will establish workflow and procedures for the 2nd phase of the NEH project and train and supervise Project Archivist.




Attend training for OCLC Connexion and incorporate Connexion into workflow.


PROGRESS:  All Humanities & Special Collections Cataloging Unit members took part in Connexion training and are up to speed using Connexion.


Tatiana will post position for time-limited Sr. Archivist position to replace Jane Anne Carey for duration of NEH Baldwin project and train the new staff member.




Unit Head will meet with new SCAFAH member, Peter Bushnell, to review responsibilities and continue to monitor Music and Latin American Collection cataloging.




Other Training and Grant Accomplishments (Outside stated goals)



Other Miscellaneous Accomplishments (Outside stated goals)




Prepared by: Tatiana Barr


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