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H & SC Cataloging Unit

Accomplishments and Highlights

Kohler Theological Pamphlet Preservation Project—Steve and Randy successfully completed the last phase of the SOLINET Kohler Theological Pamphlet Project December 2005. Steve supervised and monitored the work and Randy was responsible for cataloging the records into ALEPH to be harvested by Preservation for their microfilm holdings. Total number of titles cataloged by Randy 785.


The Unit completed the latest backlog of AFA Master’s Projects for Architecture - approx. 100 titles. Since AFA and its departments now seem to be able to send their projects and theses as they are submitted (rather than accumulating them first), these projects and theses will be incorporated into the incoming workflow.


Patricia Dana worked with the Copy Cataloging Unit to train several members in the copy cataloging of DVD and video documentaries, shifting the shared cataloging of documentaries from Trish to Copy Cataloging.


Tatiana (with Jimmie and Naomi) were invited to present a FRBR class sponsored by NEFLIN (Nov. 15, 2006). About 20 catalogers attended the class which was given at the Tower Road Branch Library. The team was asked by the Southwest Florida Library Network to do the class for SWFLN. Naomi, Jimmie, and Betsy will do this class upon Tatiana’s departure.


Beatriz and Tatiana significantly increased the number of humanities serial titles cataloged and upgraded to CONSER.


Tatiana began working on the Judaica Library shelf of the oldest “Serials” backlog that Robert Singerman had made final decisions on and worked to contact the other collection management staff and curators to come and review their subjects. Frank DiTrolio came and deaccessioned some of his titles; the others were put into the Unit workflow.


Hikaru applied for a grant from the North American Coordinating Council on Japanese Library Resources for Multi-Volume Sets, and was awarded it in 2006. It will allow the Library to purchase a unique set of videos of Japanese dance, music and song. David Hickey will administer the funds as part of his responsibilities.


Peter was declared independent as the NACO reviewer for name/title SARs.


The Unit as a whole went through training for copy cataloging of electronic databases and cataloged those waiting to be cataloged both in the basket and in the EXCEL list of electronic databases.


Randy, Steve, and Tatiana assisted Priscilla William’s Unit with additional reclassification work on the Dewey reclass project.


We successfully filled the vacancy left by Hank’s departure to the Science and Social Science Cataloging Unit when Emilia Garcia joined us in October 2005.


We continued to support the catalogers for Phase II of the NEH Baldwin Project with 10% FTE of Tatiana’s time assigned. The project will end the NEH phase Sept. 30 but will continue now to be supported by the Library until June 2007 at which time UF will find out whether they have been granted the Phase III award.


Before her departure, Tatiana received training by John Nemmers on how to create a finding aid for University Archives using John’s software.


Tatiana was a member of the Search Committee to find a replacement for Jingfeng Xia’s position of Digital Projects Metadata Librarian. The search was a success and Haiyun Cao joined UF. Tatiana also chaired the Search Committee that led to Jingfeng Xia’s hire in Sept. 2005.  She also continued on the Grants Management Committee and the Communications Committee.


Beatriz Lugo stepped down as editor of the Four Floors Newsletter.


Hikaru and Tatiana participated in the March 2006 Read-a-thon.



Prepared by: Tatiana Barr and Steve Fuquay, September 14, 2006


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