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Humanities and Special Collections Cataloging Unit
Annual Report 2006-2007

In some ways, a good indicator of a cataloging Unit is its product. In 2006-2007, the HSCCU added 4,626 volumes and 812 pieces to the collection, which is a testament to the Unit as a whole, and Steve Fuquay as Interim Head. In addition to keeping the titles flowing through the Unit in spite of the vacancy created by Tatiana Barr’s accepting a position at Yale University, the Unit tackled individually and severally other projects during the year. Randy Jewett was chosen as the HSCCU representative for the search committee for the vacant Head position. The search was successful, and Nancy Poehlmann started in the position on June 4 th.

Hikaru Nakano continued her representation on the search committee for the Romance Languages and Literatures bibliographer in the fall term. The search successfully hired Matthew Loving, who began in the position in February. Although Hikaru gave birth to her daughter Holly, on October 27 th, she continued to serve on this committee and attend meetings throughout her maternity leave.

Emilia Garcia continued to work with Special Collections materials by cataloging the Spindlewood collection, which UF received from a British publisher. After completing that project, Emilia began work on the photoplay collection, which is a large set of books with pictures and annotations related to the cinematic productions created from the texts.

The Cooper collection was also an important focus of the unit during 2006-2007, in spite of the scientific nature of the materials themselves. As interim Head, Steve Fuquay was the liaison with Dina Benson, Interim Rare Books curator, and worked extensively on the procedures with Jimmie Lundgren, Head, Social Sciences and Sciences Unit, and Betsy Simpson, Head, Cataloging/Metadata Department. Once the procedures were in final draft form, Steve met with Jimmie and Hank Young, project coordinator. The project was begun in January 2007, and is projected to be completed in late fall, 2007.

Ancillary to the Unit, but connected due to its focus on the Baldwin collection, was the NEH Grant Phase II. In 2006-2007, 3157 records were added through this project; 209 NACO records were created, over half of them for corporate names. Steve Fuquay worked closely with Rita Smith, Baldwin curator, to mainstream the workflow from this project into the Unit’s daily routine. Although Jane Anne Carey and Jay Allbritton do all the cataloging and processing for this grant, the HSCU is responsible for the electronic records that will lead patrons to the digitized versions of these texts. In 2006-2007, these records resided in PALMM, and were input into LTQF, using NOTIS. Steve Fuquay worked to revise the procedures to best serve the Unit’s goals of timely access to these materials; after a pilot conducted in January with Peter Bushnell, Randy Jewett, and Beatriz Lugo, the draft was revised and distributed to the rest of the department. By the end of the fiscal year, the Unit input 316 records for these texts. Toward the end of the fiscal year, NEH awarded us Phase III; it will run from October 1, 2007 through December 31, 2008.

Toward the end of the fiscal year, Steve Fuquay had the responsibility of creating a training schedule for the new Head, setting up particular sessions with staff in Cat/Met as well as Special Collections, AFA, and Music.

Progress Toward 2006-2007 Goals:

Accomplishments and Highlights:  

Training and Coursework:


Prepared by: Nancy Poehlmann and Steve Fuquay, Augsut 17, 2007


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