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Humanities and Special Collections Cataloging Unit
Annual Report 2007-2008

Despite changes in staffing and in workflow, the H&SC unit added 5,489 volumes and 617 pieces during 2007-2008, again a testament to the diligence of the unit members.  Steve Fuquay, Rare Books cataloger and long-time member of the department, retired at the end of December.  In February, the Special Collections and Area Studies Department ceased rare books cataloging, following the resignation of Dina Benson, Interim Rare Books curator.  This cessation had an impact on both rare monographs and serials being cataloged in the unit, but also on the Cooper Collection, limited numbers of which were being cataloged by unit members as well.


In May, Betsy Simpson, Head of the Cataloging/Metadata Department, and Nancy Poehlmann, Head of the H&SC unit, met with Jim Cusick, Interim Head of the Special Collections and Area Studies Department, to reinstate cataloging of rare Africana and Latin American Collection materials.


Emilia Garcia continued to work with the Belknap photoplay collection, which are movie tie-in novels from the first four decades of the 20th century.  Beatriz Lugo began work on the reference materials from the Liversidge Collection, a popular culture collection covering from the 1950’s to the present.  Patricia Dana began cataloging the Robert Egolf collection, which contains over 3000 texts to be added to the Baldwin Collection.  Randy Jewett began performing database maintenance for .3 FTE for the Database Maintenance Unit on March 1, 2008.


During 2007-2008, the Baldwin collection NEH grant phase III began.  From October 1, 2007 through the end of the fiscal year, Jane Anne Carey and Jay Allbritton added 2,526 records, and created 205 NACO records, 102 of which are corporate names. 


Progress toward 2007-2008 Goals:

All unit members attended training sessions; several members were part of the version 18 test team

Unit members participated in Endeca testing, both for usage and for access.  Several unit members actively report access problems when they find them.

Although cataloging of rare books was ceased after the resignation of the Interim Rare Books curator, work has proceeded well with the rest of the Special Collections and Area Studies collections. 

Although most reclassification materials are handled by the Database Maintenance Unit, unit members were called upon for materials that did not have Library of Congress call numbers or complete records in the catalog.

Nancy Poehlmann was the H&SC unit coordinator for Phase III of the grant, which involved answering occasional questions about cataloging or name authority work.


Accomplishments and Highlights:


Training and Coursework: National/Regional


Training and Coursework: Local

Prepared by: Nancy Poehlmann, August 20, 2008


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