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Contributed Cataloging

Annual Highlights, 2009/2010


Organization. The Unit members all performed very well in optimizing and adapting integrated functioning from the previously separate units, despite Jimmie’s fall sabbatical.


Digital Projects. Jorge and Jackie Brown continued original cataloging of IFAS and Hildebrand reports to be digitized as cataloging was requested for additional boxes, and they were joined by Greg and Beatriz in the spring. Jimmie and Jorge contributed to ongoing discussions towards evolution of new patterns of work for digital reproduction projects. Jane Anne cataloged digital reproductions from Internet Archive. Greg continued to catalog Frontline and other selected PBS programs available remotely, as well as remote and tangible reports from the Water Management Districts in Florida. Hank, Greg and Beatriz cataloged the LibGuides subject webpages, and late in the year Hank, Beatriz and Donna Reynolds (our intern) began reviewing and updating the catalog records for online databases. 


Custom Cataloging. Randy, Patricia and Beatriz resumed rare materials cataloging in collaboration with the new Rare Books Librarian. Hank cataloged more Cooper Science books. Jackie Heiland cataloged Florida History materials until her retirement in May, and Susan has now begun work on those. Jane Anne and Patricia contributed to Baldwin cataloging, and Randy did foreign language Baldwin books. Randy cataloged MFA Project Theses. Patricia cataloged feature films with added fields for genre and nationality. Jane Anne cataloged digital reproductions from Internet Archive. Inclusion of donor information became frequent for all members of the unit working on Child Collection Africana and various donated or specially purchased materials. 


Documents. Jackie Brown continued in her role as Documents Liaison to catalog European Communities and other documents. She and Hank contributed very substantially to cataloging of pre-1976 federal documents in storage in collaboration with other members of StoDocs Team, and to training and oversight for the project, along with Jimmie. Jorge continued to work closely with Map Library staff on their cataloging work and the service desk.


National and State Programs. All Unit staff began independently submitting personal names to NACO in the fall. Jimmie submitted 20 SACO headings that were proposed by various unit members and she mentored other Florida SACO contributors. Strong contributions were made to CONSER and BIBCO by unit members as well. Jane Anne served as a member of the Florida State Standards task group. In January Jimmie began serving as liaison from the TSPC to the SULOPAC Committee.


Shared Storage Access. Jackie Brown and Hank contributed to preparation of collections for shared storage facility as needed through consulting, correcting and cataloging as requested. 


IFAS Centers. Jorge visited IFAS Center libraries in Lake Alfred, Belle Glade and Homestead. He continued to train and update staff and help with cataloging. The Homestead library is making new efforts to re-organize their collection and Jorge renewed contact with and gave them substantial assistance.




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