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Science & Social Science Cataloging

Annual Goals, 2008/2009

Achieve essential completion of Coastal Archives transfer materials cataloging (ca. 75%).

Complete verification and application of cataloging standards to remaining 70% (350) of records that resulted from the Antique Map Cataloging minigrant project.

Participate in planning, cleanup and debugging of catalog records as needed for ongoing developments.

Perform a complete review of databases in the catalog (ca. 500) that have been in MetaLib in order to add any that are missing and correct any links or titles that have changed.

Develop staff expertise in non-MARC cataloging as needed to support DLC workflow developments through training sessions and other methods.

Continue to catalog and develop additional staff expertise in the Planning Documents, Vertical file documents and EU materials in anticipation of staffing change.

Increase contributions to BIBCO, CONSER, NACO, SACO by at least 5%.



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