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Science & Social Science Cataloging Unit

Highlights 2004/2005


  1. Goal: acquire and strengthen new skills to support quality and quantity of cataloging utilizing CONNEXION, Macro Express, and web version of Cataloger's desktop during this fiscal year. Achievements: the unit did an excellent job of adapting to quality and quantity cataloging using the OCLC CONNEXION software and the web version of Cataloger’s desktop during this period. Our uses of Macro Express have not yet materialized to the extent we had expected due largely to the lack of repetitiveness in our activities that seem conducive to Macro Express application.
  2. Goal: extend versatility by cataloging and classifying new subjects and formats, including continuing resources and maps for some unit members and electronic databases for all. Achievements: the unit members throughout extended their subject specialization as the former members of science and social science units added the complementary area to their work. Also, Greg Allen and Jackie Brown had training and subsequent cataloging work for maps; Jackie Heiland had training and subsequent cataloging work for atlases; and Marcia Alden, Susan Constantineau, Jackie Brown and Jimmie Lundgren had training and subsequent cataloging work for continuing resources formats.
  3. Goal: contribute to development and recording of new and changed procedures and workflows to make Aleph Pro more complete and useful and help to identify and eliminate common errors associated with migration to Aleph. Achievements: various guidelines were revised and added to Aleph Pro by unit members, including Books and Serials with Accompanying Maps, Database Cataloging Procedure, and Cataloging for the Map & Imagery Library: Atlases. Others were drafted including PALMM and Cataloging for the Map & Imagery Library: Maps and CD-ROM’s.
  4. Goal: complete project for cataloging a large group of electronic databases for social science and science subject areas previously only in the Database Locator.  Achievements: Jorge Gonzalez and all unit members worked together to develop a procedure and catalog many online databases formerly only in the Database Locator.
  5. Goal: continue our specialized collaboration and training relationships with special clients such as Maps, Judaica, Documents, Florida History, IFAS Centers, Nuclear and Radiological Engineering and other satellites. Achievements: we continued working with all these areas. Jorge continued to help with public services and work regularly in the Map Library. Jackie Brown continued to collaborate with Bob Singerman on Judaica cataloging. Jimmie Lundgren and Jackie Brown met with Documents staff to improve workflow, and Jackie became the point person for cataloging all documents from the European Communities for that collection. Jackie Heiland continued to provide original and difficult shared cataloging for the Florida History collection. Jorge Gonzalez continued to collaborate with IFAS centers on their cataloging and traveled to provide training November 24, 2004 and March 8, 2005 in Lake Alfred, November 29, 2004 and June 10, 2005 in Belle Glade, and to IFAS Homestead staff when they came her August 23, 2004.  Jorge Gonzalez also provided consultation and training for the Nuclear and Radiological Engineering which are new to our catalog and to other satellites on campus.
  6. Goal: learn to work together as one unit in place of separate units for social science and science cataloging so that we will have good working relationships and address our combined responsibilities effectively. Achievements: the unit has learned to work together in a wonderfully positive and collaborative manner.
  7. The unit lost one archivist when Marcia Alden left us to accept a position in the library of the Citrus Research and Education Center in Lake Alfred at the end of June.
  8. Members of the unit made strong contributions in areas of systems liaison work (Greg Allen and Jorge Gonzalez) and training and search committees (Jackie Brown and Jorge Gonzalez).
  9. This was the first year for this combined unit and also the first year that we participated in serials cataloging, we cannot easily compare our output with previous years. However, the annual cataloging statistics for this year for all formats combined feature 1,868 new titles with no change, 272 new titles enhanced or upgraded, and 1,418 new original titles.  Our cooperative programs statistics feature 394 NACO, 8 SACO, 73 CONSER, 62 AGRICOLA, and 43 BIBCO. 

Prepared by: Jimmie Lundgren


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