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Science & Social Science Cataloging Unit

Highlights 2005/2006

 1. Substantially increased the number serials cataloged, especially CONSER. Serials cataloging statistics for the unit more than tripled over the previous year, from a total title count of 101 in 04/05 to 367 in 05/06.


2. Hired and trained new Archivist to replace Marcia Alden.  Hank Young joined the unit Sept. 16, 2005 and after training took on a lion’s share of the serials and database cataloging for the unit this year. He also cataloged monographs and some maps and took care of several workstations as a Systems Liaison. 

3. Developed more fully AlephPro procedures, macros, quick-keys and other efficiency strategies to support our work and substantially contributed to planning and executing the many training efforts needed: Unit members worked to provide AlephPro procedures for Books and Serials with Accompanying Maps; Cataloging for the Map & Imagery Library: Atlases; Cataloging for the Map & Imagery Library: CD-ROM’s; Cataloging for the Map & Imagery Library: Maps; Tickler Guide; Initial Articles; MARC 21 Tutorial, and Monograph Cataloging Training Guidelines. We also revised the Database Cataloging Procedure and began work on revision of the PALMM cataloging guidelines. Jorge Gonzalez put Quickkeys on the CONNEXION toolbars for the authorities creation macro and for 043 insertion. Hank Young put a quickkey on his CONNEXION for the 034 field in maps.

4. Provided priority cataloging for 109 maps for Caribbean joint exhibit in Miami and other priority maps identified by Dr. Armstrong before her retirement in Dec. The exhibit maps were cataloged in fall 2005 (Jorge, Susan & Jimmie), and other priority maps were also cataloged. (Total map titles cataloged by the unit increased from 274 in 04/05 to 372 in 05/06.)



5. Supported reclassification and other strategic projects as needed towards spring reopening of Main Library. Full unit support was provided on request for reclassification of monographs; Susan Constantineau provided classification numbers for Florida newspaper microfilms, and Hank Young provided a spreadsheet of serials in correct shelflist order to facilitate shelving of reclassified serials. Greg helped to install and setup the new computers in Library West.


 6. Continued to address many PALMM (99 as of 9/14/05), Database (217 as of 9/14/05), and EDIS (ca. 300 as of 9/14/05) records that required cataloging. The unit completed cataloging the databases from the Database Locator into Aleph. The EDIS records were unable to be automatically created by the E2M software as they had been before due to changes in the EDIS websites, but conversations about this have been leading to another solution that we hope will be in place soon. Hank Young collaborated with Jason to increase access to our PALMM Project maps through automatically inserting the notes and URL for Internet Access into the print version records in OCLC for 333 FLAP titles and we explored the possibility of a similar project for Sanborn maps. Although they were not yet digitized or in PALMM, there were many print version IFAS center research reports that the Digital Library Center asked us to catalog to provide the basis for their electronic-version cataloging. Jackie Brown, Jorge Gonzalez and Jimmie Lundgren worked in collaboration with student assistants to catalog more than 650 original monographs and upgraded many others, while Hank cataloged more than 70 serials this year in this project (we counted this many, but there were also some that were not counted specifically). 


7. With the Systems Coordinator Greg Allen and two other members of the liaison team Jorge Gonzalez and Hank Young as members of the unit, we continued to play an important role in quietly keeping our department’s workstations doing the things we need them to do. Several computers had to be wiped and completely reloaded with software this year. Greg began an Inventory Project that calls for a complete listing of WSIDs, Serial Numbers, Model Numbers, MAC Addresses, etc. of all equipment and network ports for the Cataloging & Metadata Department in May; completed data collection in August and has begun creating an ACCESS database to manage the data.


8. As the demands of loading records into our catalog grew in spring 2006, the unit relinquished more of Jackie Heiland’s time (now 30%) to the Authorities and Metadata Unit to assist with this important work. Statistics on the loading were provided through that unit.


9. Supporting the public services activities of the library were part of the unit’s efforts as Greg Allen continued to work on the MSL reference desk (3 hours per week), Jorge Gonzalez periodically provided backup for the Map & Imagery Library reference desk, and Hank Young underwent training to begin work on the Library West information point.

10. The Unit contributed strongly to the training efforts of the department this year, as Jorge Gonzalez chaired and Jackie Brown and Susan Constantineau served on the Training Committee. Jackie and Jorge conducted many training sessions individually and in groups (Jorge gave presentations on GIS for library staff and on Map Cataloging for library staff and FLA). Jorge traveled to extension centers for training in Aleph cataloging at Lake Alfred, Quincy, Belle Glade, and Shalimar and assisted with the Nuclear and Radiological Engineering Dept. Library cataloging on campus. 

11. Greg Allen entered Judaica outsourced materials in the catalog, and cataloged Frontline (all 52 available so far) and Nova (10) remotely-accessed videos as requested by CM.

12. Jimmie Lundgren and Jorge Gonzalez submitted MARBI Proposal 2006-06 Definition of Field 034 for Geographic Coordinates in MARC 21 Authority Format which was passed in June 2006. Jimmie gave a presentation on this for MAGERT in New Orleans and spoke for the Midwinter and Annual MARBI meetings about it. Jorge attended preconferences on maps, GIS, and cultural objects cataloging as well as the ALA meeting in New Orleans.

13. Jimmie Lundgren served on the FAST Task group to evaluate FAST headings, spoke about it for our dept. managers and DLC managers, and began a pilot study with a student assistant to use these headings in IFAS center publications.

14. Jackie Heiland carried out a project involving cataloging and recataloging a complex group of series/serial/series for science.

15. Jackie Heiland completed a project to find, catalog, or otherwise account for social science (and science microfilm) arrearage titles marked by tickler fields carr, scarr, sarr, mfm…, etc., and Susan Constantineau wrapped up the science arrearage books listed.

16. Search committee participation by unit members included the Jimmie chairing the Map Librarian search and Jorge Gonzalez serving on Science/IFAS Librarian search.

17. Jimmie Lundgren worked as a member of the Resource Navigation Group to implement the Research Gateway (MetaLib), giving 5 presentations in June 2006 on the subject aspect of this tool. Hank Young and Jorge Gonzalez also served as test users of MetaLib in fall of 2005.

18. Jackie Brown earned a Superior Accomplishment Award for her many contributions.


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