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Science & Social Science Cataloging Unit

Highlights 2006/2007

The unit was fully staffed and very productive for the whole year making worthy contributions both individually and as a group to the quality of library service the dept. and the library contribute to the University of Florida community.

We continued the IFAS and Hildebrand original cataloging initiatives to describe reports to be scanned by the Digital Library Center. Jackie Brown and Jorge Gonzalez completed more than 1,875 book records drafted by student assistants; Jackie coordinated Haiyun Cao’s collaboration; and Hank Young completed over 100 serials records and Susan Constantineau did some serials as well in those projects. In addition to the bibliographic records, we created numerous authority records for names and series for these reports.   

The Unit collaborated with the new Map Librarian. She obtained an Antique Map Cataloging minigrant to get more of the antique maps cataloged.  Jackie Brown trained Javier Suarez in basic cataloging, Jorge Gonzalez trained him in map cataloging and Jimmie Lundgren collaborated with him in cataloging antique maps. Jorge, Jimmie and Susan Constantineau participated in the antique map cataloging workshop taught by Helen Jane Armstrong. Jimmie also attended an ALA Preconference on antique map cataloging at LC. Susan and Jorge continued to specialize in maps making progress in reducing the backlog, and Susan began working independently in cataloging regular sheet maps.


The Unit participated strongly in training efforts in the dept. and the library: This year Jackie Brown chaired the Training Committee which also included Unit members Susan Constantineau and Jorge Gonzalez. The Committee prepared and presented classes in Aleph ver. 18 cataloging for all cataloging and many additional staff. Jackie prepared 3 AlephPro pages. Jorge gave additional training to IFAS centers staff in Aleph cataloging. Jackie Brown continued to monitor OCLC Connexion developments for the department and to pass along notices and updates throughout the year. Several unit members participated in workshop on OCLC local holdings records. Jimmie Lundgren served on the Resource Navigation Committee and in thar role provided training and coordination for collection managers for developing subject lists of databases for the Research Gateway. Jackie Brown provided introduction of new Metadata Librarian Haiyun Cao and new Humanities Cataloging Unit Head Nancy Poehlman to local cataloging practices. Jackie Heiland trained Acquisitions staff in batch loading of record sets. Jorge completed all required coursework and made substantial progress on his thesis for a M.S. in Geography, and earned a certificate in “GIS Mapping for GPS” Jan. 28.


The Unit continued to support cataloging of Documents. Jackie Brown cataloged many Planning Documents and European Communities books and serials that she receives directly from Documents. Jimmie and Jackie met with staff from Documents and with Authorities and Metadata Unit to help improve workflow for federal documents records in both Smathers and Legal Information Center through use of the PUBLIC own code, etc. and the decision for priority loading of remotely accessed materials.


The Unit provided support for Science through completion of a series cleanup project by Jackie Heiland, cataloging of old storage items by both Jackie’s, microfilm serials cleanup by Susan Constantineau, collaboration on planning for Coastal Archives materials to be added to Science and to the Map and Imagery Library, and Jimmie attended weekly Science meetings for coordination.


Unit members supported reclassification of Dewey materials associated with returning materials to Library West as requested. Susan Constantineau classified newspapers using a LC-like system developed by Naomi Young so these could go into LC ranges in Library West. These included about 350 titles and most were for Florida cities. Hank Young prepared a spreadsheet in LC order to facilitate label processing.


Greg Allen cataloged many episodes of the remotely accessible PBS video series Frontline and Nova and also many remotely accessed technical reports from Florida water management districts, and began contributing these independently.  


The Unit supported Special Collections and Area Studies in several ways. Jackie Heiland worked closely with Jim Cusick in cataloging Florida History materials and began working independently in this area. Hank Young, Jorge Gonzalez and Jimmie Lundgren developed and implemented cataloging workflow for Cooper Science Collection materials in cooperation with Special and Area Studies Collections Dept. and SCAFAH.  Hank and Jorge cataloged many of these and the project is more than ¾ done so far. Jackie Brown cataloged Hebrew language and other Judaica materials in the social sciences in the absence of a Judaica Librarian. Jorge Gonzalez coordinated IFAS Centers cataloging, and consulted at Belle Glade IFAS Center, Monday, August 14, 2006 and to Lake Alfred’s IFAS Center on May 8, 2007. He also coordinated cataloging in the Nuclear and Radiological Engineering Dept. A new librarian was hired this year for the Citrus Research and Education Center and traveled to Gainesville where Jorge trained her in cataloging.


Unit staff participated in search committees: Jimmie Lundgren chaired the Map Librarian Search Committee and served on the Special Collections and Area Studies Department Head Search Committee; Jorge Gonzalez served on the Search Committee for an LTA in the Map and Imagery Library.


Greg Allen as Coordinator and Jorge Gonzalez and Hank Young as Systems Liaisons worked to keep us working. This year in the dept. 26 new computers were installed and 10 were shifted to other workstations.

Jimmie Lundgren co-presented a workshop at SWFLIN on FRBR, gave a presentation on geographic coordinates in authority records at the SACO-At-Large meeting in Seattle and co-authored two articles: Carrie Newsom and Jimmie Lundgren, “Simplifying Property Data Subject Guides with Catalog Enhancements and New Technology,” Issues in Science and Technology Libraries, (Winter 2007), p.2-7; and Betsy Simpson, Jimmie Lundgren, Tatiana Barr, “Linking Print and Electronic Books: One Approach,” Library Resources & Technical Services, v. 51, no. 2 (April 2007). Jorge Gonzalez wrote an article based on his thesis work that has been accepted for publication in Coordinates.



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