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Science & Social Science Cataloging Unit

Highlights 2007/2008


Coastal Archives. The entire Unit contributed substantially towards receiving and cataloging of Coastal Archive transfer materials.  Jimmie participated in planning with Vernon Kisling, and developed cataloging workflow as described in AlephPro. Unit staff helped with unpacking boxes, bibliographic searching and both shared and original cataloging of transfer materials from the Coastal Archives, more than half which was already completed by the end of the year.


Antique Map Cataloging. Susan, Jorge and Jimmie worked towards Antique Map Cataloging Minigrant completion by examining the maps and reviewing and completing descriptive records placed in a save file by the grant-funded student assistant Javier Sampedro as well as collaborating with him and Map & Imagery Library staff.  About 150 of these antique maps have been completed so far.


Ray and Cary Cooper Collection cataloging project. Hank developed and refined workflows, developed template to automatically add project-specific fields, developed analytic template.  Both Hank and Jorge cataloged numerous titles, and were chief contributors to completion of cataloging for the original gift (1026 titles cataloged by end of fiscal year).


Metadata for the Digital Library Center. IFAS Centers Mimeo reports analytical cataloging and public domain Hildebrand Collection cataloging for digital projects are close to completion with unit staff having contributed 579 monographic originals, 100 enhanced monographic records, 172 FIRM maps and at least 55 serials this year. Generally Jackie Brown and Jorge handled these books, Jorge handled these maps, and Hank handled these serials. In addition Jorge began serving as Cataloging & Metadata liaison to DLC late in the year and has greatly contributed to clarity and openness already.


Cataloging Software and Training. Unit staff contributed to development and sharing optimized cataloging techniques for Aleph 18 and Connexion, particularly at the beginning of the year when Aleph 18 was implemented and Jackie B., Susan and Jorge of the Training Committee introduced workflow and display changes for staff. Greg oversaw systems liaison aspects of these changes.


Participation in Endeca Development. Unit members used Endeca for record editing and other tasks which enabled them to spot problems to be reported and fixed. Jimmie served as a member of the Endeca Working Group that met regularly to discuss progress and provide input for UF’s representatives to the statewide committee that directed FCLA’s work. Jimmie gave a presentation for staff on the GoogleBooks feature in our Endeca implementation.


Documents Cataloging. Jackie Brown continued to catalog European Union documents for which she often could include links to remote versions. She also cataloged Florida Urban and Regional Planning documents using special guidelines and trained Jackie Heiland who began working with these as well as the Florida History Collection titles she continued to catalog.  Greg cataloged many technical reports from Florida’s water management districts, including those on CD-ROM and those now available remotely.  Jimmie attended the 100 year celebration of our library as a Depository Library and consulted with documents librarians regarding cataloging access.


Remote Videos. Greg continued to catalog episodes of certain PBS series identified by selectors as useful that were made available online for free after broadcast.  Among these were Frontline and Nova.




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