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Science & Social Science Cataloging Unit

Highlights 2008/2009


1. Completion of Coastal Archives materials cataloging was one of the unit goals. All members of the unit contributed, as did the Copy Cataloging Unit, and more than 99% of this important collection is now available on the MSL shelves.

2. Our goal of completing the Antique Map Cataloging minigrant project was put on hold as we were unable to access the antique maps due to renovation in the Map & Imagery Library in MSL. Susan Constantineau has recently resumed work on these.  

3. Towards catalog maintenance we participated in planning, cleanup and debugging of records as needed for ongoing work. Jackie Heiland worked through the backlog of the Bib Notification records, downloading from OCLC to the server, and loading to Aleph (Downloaded to server were 6135 and loaded into Aleph were 6646 for a total of 12,781). She wrote the 2 Bib Note procedures and trained Priscilla, Doug S., and Patsy to perform that loading. Jimmie Lundgren for 2 months responded to the Catalog Problems email, (a service immediately responsive to the UF community), and Hank Young often resolved related serials problems.

4. Hank Young performed a complete review of online databases in the catalog (ca. 500) that had been in MetaLib, adding those that were missing and also making needed corrections. He also cataloged many new databases, particularly UFDC and Gator Scholar and revised the Integrating Resource guidelines in AlephPro to realign them with OCLC and Mango changes.

5. Jorge Gonzalez developed expertise in non-MARC cataloging to support DLC workflow developments. We consulted on the mapping of UFDC metadata to MARC for load to Mango. Jackie Brown reports that we completed more than 99% of the IFAS reports requested for cataloging, or in her words, “We’re down to the dregs.” Jorge continued Hildebrand report cataloging and brought the ca. 7,000 sheet level records together on set records for ca. 300 FIRM digitized map series. He also developed and maintains a spreadsheet for consolidating detailed information concerning digital projects and their requirements.

 6. Jackie Heiland received training from and joined Jackie Brown in cataloging Planning Documents and Vertical File Documents.

7. We planned to increase contributions for each of the cooperative programs by at least 5% and happily exceeded that goal. Our contributions were up 41% for NACO, up 65% for CONSER, up 6% for BIBCO, and up 27% for approved SACO headings.

8. The unit contributed substantially through Jackie Brown, Hank Young and Jimmie Lundgren to major pilot projects for cataloging federal documents in storage.

9. Abstracts had been written for 64 historically important Florida newspapers by Erich Kesse. Susan Constantineau with the help of a student assistant inserted these into Aleph and into OCLC as enhancements to CONSER records.


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