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CONSER Annual Report 2005

CONSER Annual Report

University of Florida


(Oct. 1, 2004-Sept. 30, 2005)



The University of Florida continued to adapt to our ILS migration, OCLC client changes, the challenges of altered workflow, and the implementation of MARC holdings.


We began our year with training for the new serials catalogers in our subject-area units. We used both the Basic and Advanced Serials Cataloging Courses, with some abridgement and adaptation, as the basis of this training. Four staff members created their first-ever original records to the UF catalog this year; several others sharpened their skills and contributed serial records for the first time in years. Because these staff members are still developing their skill and comfort with serials, and since the majority of Naomi’s time has been devoted to training rather than cataloging, our contributions for this year have dropped off sharply. However, our total number of original records (51) is slightly higher than FY 2004 (47); and the proportion of original records to the total number of contributions is actually higher.


We lost two members of the serials cataloging team during the year: Yue Li, our Asian Cataloger; and Marcia Martin, one of our paraprofessionals. They have both been replaced by catalogers who have already received SCCTP training, Hikaru Nakano and Hank Young.


The concepts Naomi Young learned as part of the CONSER Task Force on FRBR and Continuing Resources provided the basis for part of a departmental workshop on FRBR that will be offered again later this fall as a regional network workshop.


Another significant change is our decision to purchase vendor records for our electronic journals. After discussions with our public services staff, we opted for separate print and electronic records; a single link on the vendor record leads to a list of links for all electronic versions. We are also experimenting to see how long it takes for new original e-serial records in the CONSER database to be modified and distributed by the vendor.


Naomi was especially active with the state universities’ Cataloging and Access Guidelines for Electronic Resources (CAGER) Committee. Members of this group pointed out a conflict between the standards for the Digital Library Masters database; she presented this information to Operations Committee at the annual meeting. CAGER also agreed to test a project for funneling ISSN requests for locally-digitized materials through UF and the ISSN request page developed at NSDP. Naomi became the Chair of CAGER, beginning with its August meeting.

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