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CONSER Annual Report 2006/2007


              The University of Florida CONSER team was running at a full complement of staff for much of this year. Patricia Dana joined the group in May, when all our active catalogers were given training in the CONSER standard record; Trish is also our video cataloging specialist, and we look forward to her contributions once she has mastered serials. Nancy Poehlmann began as head of our Humanities and Special Collections Cataloging Unit in early June; she has previous experience with legal serials.



              We were able to make 430 contributions to CONSER this year, of which 273 were original records, and 120 were maintenance. This more than doubles our maintenance total of last year, and is only a very slight decline in original records.

              Again, most of our contributions came from our areas of subject emphasis, notably Florida agriculture, Latin American studies, and East Asian studies (through the addition of vernacular fields to existing records). Our cataloging this year has made substantial inroads into our print serial backlogs.


CONSER Activities

              Jackie Brown, Hank Young, and Naomi Young reviewed the draft documentation for the CONSER standard record (CSR) early in the year, passing their feedback on to the larger working group.

              Naomi continued her work as a liaison to the Florida State University Libraries’ Cataloging and Access Guidelines for Electronic Resources subcommittee. This dovetailed with CONSER’s exploration with the Digital Library Federation on how best to express locally-digitized reproductions in OCLC. She also contributed to the CONSER comments on the draft chapters of RDA.

              Naomi attended the CONSER Operations Committee in May, including the CSR cataloging training provided by Melissa Beck and Valerie Bross, and presented that training to UF staff later in the month. She also made brief presentations for branch serials staff and the libraries’ cross-divisional meeting explaining the CSR, and asking for reports on whether the changes were helpful, unhelpful, or perhaps even unnoticeable. UF began cataloging according to the CSR documentation on June 4 for most materials.


Other Activities

              We are still reclassifying materials from Dewey into LC and LC-based classifications, now focusing on annuals and less-frequent serials, and non-Florida newspapers.

              Reorganization of the Acquisitions and Licensing department led to modified workflows. Added volumes and LC/CONSER copy cataloging will be handled in that department unless a need for record maintenance is noted. We hope this will free up time for catalogers to do more CONSER work, as well as encouraging Acquisitions staff to keep an eye out for records eligible for CONSER maintenance or upgrades.

              UF has implemented an Endeca-based “front-end’ for the public catalog (it can be seen at, and upgraded our Aleph ILS to version 18. The Florida Center for Library Automation programmers were able to create a search algorithm that brings single-word journal titles into a prominent place in search results – you can find Science and Nature in our catalog! We are still working out problems in the item and holdings displays, but we see continual progress, and are excited about the prospects for this new interface.


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