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Annual Highlights

Local FY2010

Naomi Young began the year by completing a train-the-trainer workshop for the Serials Cataloging Cooperative Training Program course Serial Holdings. This workshop was a full day preconference at ALA, with participation by application only.


Naomi also provided local training for significant changes in the MARC format that principally affect serials catalogers: the repeatable 260 field, and the new MARC 588 field for cataloger-specific notes.


We remain committed to establishing regular updating of OCLC Local Holding Records through their batchload system. A "gap load" of all holding records updated since the initial load was submitted in the spring. The gap load also included Local Holdings data for the Health and Law libraries, which were not included in our initial load.


Overall, the serials team saw more balanced participation this year, with the majority of our CONSER contributions coming from projects in the library rather than a regular workflows. This is particularly true of the Storage Documents project, where enhancements to the records necessary to provide local access have been added to the master record in the best spirit of cooperative cataloging. Our cooperative partnership with the Rare Books librarian has also led to enhancements of our rare serial records.


With the expansion of our locally-created classification system for newspapers, we can now catalog our foreign newspapers using this system as well. We have added several Caribbean newspaper records using this classification system.


Another project which will continue into the 2010/2011 fiscal year is the cataloging of our locally-created subject guides. The creation of integrating-resource records for these comprehensive research guides gives students and other researchers additional opportunities to discover these valuable resources, regardless of the way that they access library records (local catalog, WorldCat, or Web search). We were fortunate to have the assistance of Greg Allen for this particular project.


Naomi participated in setting up the guidelines and rationale for CONSER's Open Access Journal Project, slated to begin in September of 2010. This project will establish CONSER records for titles in the Directory of Open Access Journals not currently represented in the CONSER database. We hope that creating better records will further encourage the discovery and use of journals produced through this new model of publication. UF will participate in this project.



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