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Cataloging and Metadata
George A. Smathers Libraries
University of Florida
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1508 Union Road, Room 400
Gainesville, FL 32611-7004

Telephone: (352) 273-2675
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Division of Scholarly Resources and Research Services
Cataloging and Metadata Department

Serials Cataloging Highlights 2007/2008

Our contributions to the CONSER database fell off somewhat this year, because the large influx of agricultural serials we received through digitization projects has slowed to a trickle. Although the decline is disappointing, it’s heartening that it represents a better balance of contributions between the three units with serials team members. As new print titles decline, and electronic subscriptions take their place, our workload is shifting. In addition, copy cataloging of serials with CONSER-level copy has moved to the Acquisitions & Licensing Dept., whose serials staff members have received instruction in how to evaluate copy for possible CONSER changes.


Our most entrenched backlogs are shrinking. But of course, working with these more challenging materials is a slower process, requiring more research, authority work, and time. Catalogers in the serials team have reconciled problems not only in our database, but have corresponded with other CONSER libraries, the Library of Congress, and the US ISSN Center to clear up longstanding problems in those institutions’ catalogs and OCLC.


In support of the departmental goals, we:

  • Helped test and implement Aleph version 18

  • Revised documentation to help support Aleph version 18      

  • Participated in reclassification activities

  • Helped troubleshoot issues related to serials holdings and items displays in the Endeca interface


For the coming year, we hope to:

  • Create collection-level records for sub-collections within UF Digital Collections

  • Increase CONSER contributions for East Asian Cataloging

  • Compete OCLC Local Holdings batch load and establish policies for regular updating of Local Holdings

  • Continue support for reclassification

  • Analyze and provide input for serials matters related to statewide projects such as the Statewide Storage Facility

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