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Cataloging and Metadata
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Division of Scholarly Resources and Research Services
Cataloging and Metadata Department

University of Florida CONSER Annual Report Local FY 2009


This year, we continued to train team members to refine their skills in cataloging continuing resources. UF CONSER staff members have given and received local and library-wide training on MARC holdings, local item record coding and sorting, and changes in the CONSER Standard Record. We also participated in the NACO refresher training offered by Priscilla Williams.


We are continuing to maintain the contribution level expected by the CONSER program. Increasingly, we find opportunities to contribute or improve records through special projects, rather than in the regular workflow of acquiring and cataloging new materials. In the past year, we were able to add publication history notes to several Florida newspaper records. We also continue to create and update records for our locally-digitized collections so they are more easily discovered in the library catalog, as well as through WorldCat.


We continue to work with OCLC and local IT experts to revise and improve our holdings records for upload into WorldCat. The process has brought to light past diversities of practice, as well as refinements in training and documentation that will be useful in improving our record quality


Another major project that has had an effect on our CONSER statistics is the project to catalog and inventory U.S. government documents destined for high-density storage. While the project policy is to accept copy at any level without upgrading, some maintenance data (such as the SuDocs classification number) has been added to OCLC records when the same data was needed for our local purposes. In addition, all records handled in this process have been locally marked with a project “tickler” for possible later review.

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