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Annual Highlights 2005/2006

Serials Cataloging


  • Departmental Goal: Assess effectiveness of serials cataloging workflow modifications and make necessary improvements

SerCat Team CONSER Accomplishments: A team of 4 faculty and 5 paraprofessional staff members equaling about 2.0 FTE, produced these results for the CONSER program:

382 CONSER contributions in the fiscal year, an 80% increase over 2004/2005 (203)

252 CONSER original records in the fiscal year, more than an 588% increase over 2004/2005 (43)

In other words, we created more original records in 2005/2006 than our total contributions in 2004/2005!

CONSER statistics for FY 2006

 A little word about statistics: I have focused on our CONSER contribution, rather than our statistics from the RS Stats Database. These statistics have also increased on most areas (there is a decline in no-change records), but I think the statistics under-represent team growth in several ways:

  1. The drop in no-change masks the increase in upgrades and original records.
  2. Department statistics do not reflect certain activities which are vital to other goals, such as
    1. creation of original records for the use of the Digital Library Center; OCLC maintenance of serial records;
    2. maintenance and correction of local catalog records, especially holdings conversion and closing bibliographic records for ceased titles and title changes.

The new Aleph macros should help us capture more of these activities, which are less about adding items to the collection than enhancing access to the items already acquired and described.


  • Departmental Goal: Reclass Library West periodicals and monographs

With the cooperation and assistance of staff from Humanities and Social Sciences Reference, Preservation, and Acquisitions, the SerCats reclassified over 1600 periodical titles held in Library West. Work on consolidating inaccurate holdings and separating storage holdings began as part of the reclassification project and will expand to branch libraries in 2006/2007.


  • Departmental Goal: Update uncataloged inventory and prioritize work

We were able to sort through the problem backlog of older materials and organize them by subject area. Many collection managers have reviewed their material and helped us route their materials to their users once more.


  • Departmental Goal: Complete transfer of cataloging documentation to AlephPro and archive CatPro

These pages (among others) were revised from CatPro and Unit pages or created for AlephPro:

Item sorting cleanup

Authenticating/Upgrading Serials

Maintenance of Serial Records

Physical Processing of Serials (Including Periodicals)

Serial Holdings: Defaults and Basics

Serials and Periodicals: Should I Create an Item or an HOL?

Monograph or Serial?

Really Slick Secrets of RSS

Determining Serial Title Changes

Team Goals for 2006/2007


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