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Cataloging and Metadata
George A. Smathers Libraries
University of Florida
P.O. Box 117004
1508 Union Road, Room 400
Gainesville, FL 32611-7004

Telephone: (352) 273-2675
Fax: (352) 392-4788

Division of Scholarly Resources and Research Services
Cataloging and Metadata Department

Staff to Contact

Unsure where to send a problem? 

Contact the Catalog Problems e-mail box at

Please consult the list below to determine which staff to contact in the Acquisitions Department and the Cataloging and Metadata Department to address particular problems or issues.


**NOTE** When sending material, include the following information:

  • Name of the staff member to whom the material is being sent
  • Brief note saying what you want done with the material
  • Your name (very important; we may need to contact you)

Approval profiling questions: Aimee Barrett

Authorities: Priscilla Williams, Gerald Langford

Ex: You find a cross-reference in the catalog that leads nowhere; you find records for works by J.D. Salinger under Salinger, J.D. ... and under Salinger, Jerome David ... in the library catalog.

Claiming: Monographs Aimee Barrett

Claiming: Serials: Angie Stewart


E-Resources: Trey Shelton

Fund monitoring: Monographs/Serials: Aimee Barrett


Fund transfers: Jack Waters, Raimonda Margjoni

Gifts: Bruce Fraleigh
Ex: A patron wants to donate books to the libraries; y
ou have books a professor gave to your library; you have materials that have already been withdrawn, and you want to offer them to another library.

Invoice payment: Monographs: Aimee Barrett

Invoice payment: E-Resources: Trey Shelton


Macro Express: contact IT

Miscataloged materials and other cataloging related issues:

Naomi Young (serials) or Hikaru Nakano (non-serials)

Ex: All the other volumes in this series are classed together, but this one's classed separately; the Aleph record for a book has no subject headings at all; a book has been given a QA call number, but you're sure it should be QC.

Serials Added Volumes

Serial title changes: Naomi Young

Serial cancellations: Angie Stewart


New materials (not yet cataloged; not gifts):Patsy Mongo or Doug Smith
Ex: You find a book in someone's office that is owned by the library but is uncataloged or you decide an uncataloged foreign document should be cataloged.

New Materials Ordering: Monographs: Aimee Barrett

Ordering: Serials: Angie Stewart

Postcataloging & Aleph Problems: Beatriz Lugo
Ex: You have book to be withdrawn, transferred, or reclassified from Dewey to LC; you have a book with an unlinked item record; t here is a typo in the title on Aleph; y
ou can't find the record for a cataloged book on Aleph.

Processing & Labeling Problems: Judy Rummel
Ex: You find a book whose label has fallen off; the book belongs in LAC, but does not have a + above the call number.

Receiving: Monographs Aimee Barrett

Receiving: Serials: Angie Stewart

Retrospective Analytics: Naomi Young
Ex: You want the Cataloging and Metadata Department to provide individual bibliographic records for issues of a particular series in the case where the library catalog only has one bibliographic record representing the entire series.

Rush Requests: Copy Cataloging Unit Staff (Sharon Holder or Patsy Mongo )
Ex: A patron asks you about the Rush Request he turned in previously.

Vendor database questions



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