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Stocat Team Meeting Notes

January 7, 2013

Document work updates
Jackie reported that good progress is being made on Department of Defense and Department of Health, Education & Welfare documents and that the Atomic Energy Commission documents are almost completed. She said she has questions about some of the possible documents referred by Delonda’s crew. Jan looked at several surrogates Jackie had brought and gave her decisions right away that some were not documents. The decision to treat some documents as serials versus monographs comes up often, and Jan confirmed that in general those with separate titles should be done as monographs. There have not been many Fugitive documents handled recently, but there are several boxes and some are serials. Naomi volunteered to contact the CONSER representative at GPO about how we could proceed with those. Jackie mentioned that some Department of Defense documents that are integrating resources have been put aside for now.

Congressional Hearings update
The student who is completing the barcoding and inventory of the pre-1976 hearings continues to make good progress. Mary and Carol are working to link barcodes to the records already loaded for post-1976 hearings. Since we don’t have access to the digital versions of the Committee Prints, handling of the print versions will be required when we begin work on cataloging the pre-1976 hearings. That will not be addressed immediately as the cataloging of the documents already at ALF is being given priority.

Documents staffing
The level of staffing has not changed since the December meeting, except that Audrey is temporarily assisting Jackie while we wait for the no-barcode problem Dewey books to resume. That is likely to be late January or early February according to Hang.

Round Robin for Documents

  • Jackie: She has been doing lots of enhance records for others to complete in Aleph. She has also been addressing the Dewey Documents referred from Delonda. She also catalogs some translations series books.
  • Hank: He has been cataloging mostly Atomic Energy Commission serials. Many progress reports are referred to him and some final reports. The later require close expert examination to determine the best treatment option.
  • Susan D.: She has been cataloging Atomic Energy Commission books.
  • Melissa: She has been cataloging Department of Defense technical reports 3 days per week.
  • Cindy: She has been cataloging Health, Education & Welfare documents on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and finding lots of OCLC copy for them.
  • Jorge: He has been cataloging Atomic Energy Commission books.
  • Mary and Carol: They are working on post-1976 Congressional Hearings.
  • Jan: She said that the handling of skinnies is being re-evaluated. Jackie mentioned she had some agriculture skinnies to send to Chelsea.

Dewey Monograph work concentrations and cataloger problems
Hang reported that Agriculture and Fine Arts Library and Music Library books are being trayed now and there are duplicates and triplicates problems. Facilities is working to complete the movement of Music Library materials to AFA and storage now that the Music Library facility is closed. He is trying to hire someone to work on traying of the AUX materials and expects that to begin around February 1. Now that classes have resumed here and elsewhere the ILL workload is picking up for ALF staff. Clinton and Delonda have begun working at the Interim Library Facility.

Serials cataloging in storage update
Naomi reported that after exploring different options she has found that the Interim Library Facility is not accessible to her in her motorized wheelchair on a daily basis. Because of that and because she will be on vacation and at conference for the second half of January she is delegating the serials cataloging consulting work there to Hank. Lois reported a problem with getting complete University of Miami spreadsheets to know what they have sent to us, but they are all serials. Tabitha and Delonda will be developing workflows at the Interim Library Facility for these materials hoping to avoid revisiting of records. Naomi mentioned that revisiting records is not so bad with serials. The question was asked if the existing macros used to speed serials holdings and items work would need to be revised for those serials, and the answer given that the ones we already have should work well. The determination to request a separate ADM for FLARE in Aleph has not been finalized, and that decision will be needed before actual progress can begin. Naomi asked when Hank’s help would be needed. Lois said that Delonda and Tabby would meet with Naomi on campus this week, and then be prepared to answer that question. It appears that we have received about 125,000 volumes from the University of Miami.

Dewey cataloger staffing
Not much change since December meeting.

Interim News
Hang said that he has been focusing on facility work there. We will be getting uprights from Florida State University, but we will need shelving for them. Storage space needs to be arranged for Digital projects at the Interim Library Facility.

Environmental, supplies, and/or equipment notes
Hank said we need more sticky notes, and Jackie said she would bring them. Naomi said the 2013 LCCN stickers for CONSER serials are expected to be received soon, and that in the meantime the 2012 LCCN stickers can still be used.

Round Robin for Dewey & ILF work

  • Fern: She is working on cataloging no-OCLC books and helping Patsy with problems referred by the Duplicates Team.
  • Hank: He has been working on processing the transfer of the Journalism serials to ALF and is about 1/4 to 1/3 done. Issues with the laptop have caused delays.
  • Susan D.: She has been on vacation and cataloged no-OCLC books.
  • Jorge: He has been cataloging the no-OCLC books. The Multi-volume set books are mostly done.
  • Hang: He said that we do not expect funding for building of the new shared storage facility during the 2013/2014 fiscal year, but possibly the following year. The University of Miami shipment that was not received because of the arson has caused difficulties in knowing what actually should have been received. The incident that occurred with falling of shelving should not recur since those shelves constructed according to his instructions have not fallen and since he or Clinton will inspect each newly constructed unit from now on.
  • Naomi: she is trying to support work when problems arise and will be away during the second half of January.
  • Randy: He has been working to complete transfer to Rare Books and reclassification of books identified by John Ingram for that collection. These are mostly on forestry, plants and flowers and there are 2 more trucks waiting to be completed. He does this on Wednesdays.
  • Terri: She has one more truck of problems waiting at ALF to be completed. Some will be referred to Jimmie or others for resolution.
  • Jimmie: She often works at ALF on Friday afternoons mostly resolving problems in original cataloging for Susan D. Last Friday she noted that there are almost no books on the no-barcode problems shelves, but quite a few on the no-OCLC problems shelves. On examining two of them she was able to return one to Fern’s truck with the problem resolved and put the other one back after adding a note that it was a compilation of plays with no common title page that will require an original record in OCLC. She assisted Audrey by observing that her OCLC search screen mistakenly had a box checked to limit it to GLIMR records which prevented retrieval of known records.

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