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Stodocs Project

Stodocs Team Meeting Notes

January 19, 2011

Present: Jimmie, Hank, Angie, Hang, Delonda, Cathy, Chelsea, Jan, Carol, Mary, Fern, Betsy, Jorge, Terri, Jackie, Melissa, Cindy  


Heating update
Cathy said that parts have arrived at ALF for the heating system. The UF paperwork is not yet fully complete, but work by the installer W.W. Gay can begin soon when that is in order.

Equipment and Supplies
There has been a slowdown in connecting to the Access database used for deduping by Delonda and her crew.

Changes to staff work space, placement of finished items, etc.
The recent shuffling to provide necessary traying and deduping space is finished and everyone has adjusted accordingly.

Serials & Monographs issues
Cindy brought up that there are item records attached to serial records for some series undergoing monographic priority analysis that are not among those being cataloged. Catalogers should not lose time looking for them, but continue to work on those they have in hand, and send an email to Jimmie about the ones they noticed are unavailable. Some are in Documents in MSL.

Round Robin
[Notes: Krissy is out sick today and Hang will be out next week]

  • Melissa: She is cataloging NASA Technical Memorandum monographs and lots with bound together items for which she uses LKR’s to connect them. She will begin a new project in a day or two. She would like more training to be able to assign a subject to records that lack one.
  • Fern: She is working on NASA Contractor Reports and since they are bound together she learned to connect the titles in each volume with LKR fields. Jan said these are important.
  • Cindy: She is cataloging NASA Technical Notes. These are also bound together and she uses LKR’s. She trained Fern to do LKR’s.
  • Jan: We made the Library of Congress annual report for collaborating with LC on Congressional Hearings. Planning is underway for this project and she will need money and time to carry it out.
  • Chelsea: She sent the first 500 Code of Federal Regulations to Internet Archive for digitization and is getting a second batch of 500 ready to send. She will scout for other batches of materials with similarities, so please tell her if you see some. The URL’s had included title words, but with repetitive titles that doesn’t work so well.
  • Cathy: Examining where URL’s for various “electronic-things” (e-things, new term?) go. She has been working on hiring and getting. She likes the term “automagically” that she heard from Kunst. More changes are coming.
  • Hang: He has been getting new staff desks, etc. and moving stuff around. New tables for traying will be assembled. His daughter is getting married Jan. 29 (don’t call that day), and he will be out next week.
  • Hank: He has been cataloging agriculture serials. He was working with the students who processed items with him, but they have caught up and moved on to learning to work with monographs with Jackie. He has also directed them to work on Congressional something.
  • Delonda: She’s been deduping and working with Megan who is rolling along now. Katie started working with her last Friday so she has been working with training and workflows.
  • Jackie: She’s been cataloging US Atomic Energy publications. She started training Krissy and Tahj on monographs. They’re learning to search and select the best records. She has a detailed instruction sheet for them on things to look for and to change on the records. There are lots of monographs being searched that have no OCLC copy.
  • Angie: She has been cataloging NASA documents and there are 20% yet to be done on that project.
  • Jorge: He has also been cataloging US Atomic Energy publications. There are a “gazillion” to do, many that are zero OCLC. He has made text-strings to make these easier and faster.
  • Betsy: There was a delay on the item count because of a concern that there might be duplication, but that has been resolved and the report should run smoothly each month now. She is adding the missing 086 fields with Michael’s help.
  • Terri: She is working on a few StoDocs duplicates again after working on other projects for a while. There had been some confusion about microforms.
    Mary and Carol said there is nothing new in their work.

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