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Stocat Team Meeting Notes

February 4, 2013

Document work updates
Jackie reports that documents cataloging is moving along: (1) Atomic Energy Commission publications are almost done except for serials; (2) Education publications are being cataloged and have many series that have to be set up with authority records; (3) she is cataloging Commerce translations series; (4) Audrey is still working with Jackie on documents while waiting for the no-barcodes to “flare back up;” (5) there are lots of bare shelves now with dregs and skinnies predominantly remaining to be cataloged.

Congressional Hearings update
Mary and Carol are working on Hearings and Committee Prints in MSL, making good progress.

Documents staffing
Our student assistant Sable moved back on campus and works in Copy Cataloging now. Some staff are temporarily working with documents that soon will resume no-barcode work.

Round Robin for Documents

  • Chelsea. She is working on shipping of DPI documents to Internet Archive and working on piles. Jackie will send her the box they had discussed. She is working on Center of Excellence materials.
  • Jackie. She is working on the translations series and collaborating with Audrey on enhancing documents.
  • Jorge. He has been cataloging Atomic Energy Commission documents.
  • Hank. He was unable to attend but sent the following documents notes, “The past month I have been working mostly on the AEC reports plus some questionable items from the Depts. of Education and Federal Security Agency. Jackie Brown and I went through the remaining AEC reports and separated them into definite monographs, probable serials, and ones which need further research. New LCCN barcodes are available – Hank has several for the ALF projects.”
  • Melissa. She is cataloging Department of Education publications and finding copy for most.
  • Susan. She has been cataloging Atomic Energy Commission publications but has only 6 left on her truck so she will begin work on another agency.
  • Jan. She said that tomorrow she will have a visit from the Dean of Libraries at the University of Alabama in relation to Center of Excellence and Agriculture documents.
  • Naomi. She supports Hank by debriefing when he returns home from cataloging serial documents.
  • Beatriz. She withdraws duplicates and when caught up with that catalogs Education documents.
  • Cindy. She has been cataloging Health, Education and Welfare publications and recently caught up on the LKR work. She sent an explanation on changes to that work to others who work with bound together documents and will forward it to the rest of Stocat.
  • Mary and Carol. They are working on Congressional Hearings and Committee Prints.

Dewey Monograph work concentrations and cataloger problems
Currently the books being trayed are mainly from AFA and have very little no-barcode and not many no-OCLC problems being referred to catalogers at ALF. Soon, however, the UFSTO, AUX Dewey books will begin being trayed and we expect many problems. Delonda’s Deduplication Team is already pulling from that area and Fern has been helping Patsy deal with edition problems, etc. among those.

Serials cataloging in storage update
Hank continues to work with the former Journalism serials at ALF. He and Naomi met with Tabby and Delonda to plan training for addition of serials to FLARE at ILF. He has begun weekly training sessions with Tabby and Delonda for working with those.
Dewey cataloger staffing
Staffing for this is low now, but expected to expand in a few weeks as demand increases. Randy is still doing location transfer and reclassification for storage books John Ingram has selected for Rare Books. Dee Hawes may be hired to help with storage materials at ILF, which is great news because of her long experience with serials management in Library West before her retirement.

Interim News
Next week the MSL shelf-to-shelf move of materials to ILF is expected. It will be the first traying project at Interim once equipment and staff are in place. Processing University of Miami items may be next, although they remain problematic. Chelsea and Tabby will review the British Parliamentary volumes from Miami to deduplicate against Library West holdings. UCF has contacted us about a substantial delivery of materials for FLARE; however, considerable planning is needed to prevent duplication of content with Miami and other pending deliveries. Next step with UCF is a conference call to work out details.

Environmental, supplies, and/or equipment notes
Jackie mentioned that there have been some barcode scanning errors reported, so everyone should be more careful that the entire number goes into the item record. If this problem continues we may need to have the scanners reconfigured again. The outside door in the cataloging area is used frequently, especially by staff going outside for breaks. The group had agreed last year that the door would be locked and staff needing entrance would knock to be admitted. It is frequently being unsecured now by placement of a piece of paper in the mechanism to allow reentry. It is a problem either way, if the door is secured then staff are interrupted to open it and if the door is unsecured then staff are less safe. Other solutions will be discussed such as possibly using a different door.

Round Robin for Dewey & ILF work

  • Jackie. She does problem solving as asked as well as cataloging of Dewey Documents. She does not mind this, but others do. Tray staff have been instructed to put problems on shelves to be dealt with later but sometimes are eager to complete sets, etc. Perhaps they could be reminded of this?
  • Randy. He has been doing transfer and reclassification of Rare Books and will also catalog some no-OCLC in Russian and other languages.
  • Jorge. He has been working on no-OCLC books. He sorted them last week by language. These are down to the “dregs” now.
  • Susan. She has been working on no-OCLC books. There are art and architecture books now which she enjoys because of her background.
  • Tabby. She has been waiting for developments to transpire at ILF. Soon the shelf-to-shelf books will come from MSL. There are 380 books that HSC wants to send as well as some materials from LAC.
  • Fern. She has been helping Patsy with edition problems, etc. from the deduplication project.
  • Patricia. She has not had no-barcode books lately so has been working with serials and with videos on campus.
  • Hank. His written notes said, (1) Non-Docs Serials: Inventory/correction of former Journalism titles continues. Some questionable serial titles are showing up on my cart that need S/M decisions. There are still some analytics on Delonda’s cart that need finished. (2) FLAIR/ILF: Hank and Naomi met with Tabby and Delonda to talk about serials workflow and questions. Hank has started some basic training serials training with Tabby and Delonda using the Aleph Test Module. Tabby is going to make sure Test is on the ILF computer for next week’s training.
  • Jimmie. She works at ALF most Friday afternoons to review problem books for Susan and keep an eye on the flow of materials.
  • Staff who were out sick, at other meetings, etc. included Terry, Hang, Hank, Lois, and Delonda.

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