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Division of Scholarly Resources and Research Services
Cataloging and Metadata Department

Stocat Team Meeting Notes

February 6, 2012

Division of Plant Industry (DPI) Collaboration

Librarian Beverly Pope of DPI participated in the meeting. Betsy with approval from Dean Russell acquired OCLC authorization for UF to act as cataloging agent for DPI on this project, (1 year authorization at full level; the records will include field 951 WI9 to indicate they are for DPI). Beverly will box up the books and take them to ALF, and Jackie will be her contact person there (273-2887). These will carefully be kept separate from StoDocs materials, (perhaps marked with colored “DPI” strips of paper), and will be boxed and sent to Internet Archives for digitization after cataloging. Upon their return Chelsea will complete the Aleph work on the records such as TKR’s and addition of 856 field to connect them to their digitized versions. Jan pointed out that this is the first collaboration with a non-depository library in the ASERL Center of Excellence program.

Priority & other materials to catalog next

The target agricultural agencies for the COE have some titles already trayed as serials that require to be brought out of the trays, cataloged as monographs and smaller serials and then sent to IA for digitization. They should not be re-trayed before digitization. It is important to designate their location during these steps for ALF staff and for Chelsea.


The first orange Fugitives box is full. Hank is setting up a second one to fill, and Chelsea wants us to keep the first one there for now. She will prioritize picking it up to send to IA for digitization. We wanted to find out how many there are so far, and based on a staff note for the word “fugitive”, there are currently 159 of these cataloged.

Congressional Record treatments at ALF

Question from ALF: Congressional Record is an ALF Doc title. Should CR volumes be pulled from the ALF stacks and trayed [in the GOV collection] immediately? Or do they need to go on the ALF Doc shelves in the back and wait for the 2 or more years before being processed by Sto Doc catalogers? Jan asked which would be easiest. Hang said going ahead and handling them as government documents and traying them would be easiest. Jan said that would be good.

ALFDocs to be pulled & shelved in StoDocs ranges

Hang said he has not started yet, but is ready. After some discussion he said it would be more efficient to go ahead and do this soon to reduce effort later on. There are about 450 of them already in trays.

Changes in staff and schedules

Please send updates to Jimmie:


Environmental, supplies, and/or equipment notes

There are problems with the printer refusing to print with messages that there are issues concerning the ink cartridge or the paper tray. Hang will send a Grover to have it fixed or replaced. Some computers have been upgraded to Windows 7 and since do not behave properly with Macro Express and Connexion. Hang said some are older computers that do not work as well with Windows 7. (Betsy later spoke with Greg about this and he volunteered to go to ALF and see if he can help. There are network path settings needed in Windows 7 for Connexion and Macro Express).


Please use only the holdings code for Dewey UFSTO GEND, (not UFSWE GEND).

StoGen Monographic bibliographic quality control pilot project

Delonda reported that as of Feb. 23 about 950 had been pulled by Paul, with 778 having no errors. The errors are grouped in to tier 1, 2, or 3. Tier 1 errors are usually caught in the current traying process and 14% of the errors found so far are of that type. Paul has completed GEND and AFA and is midway through AUX, having done about 1500 of the 2400 to be done).

Notes on when to use a new record

Hang said the new document on this is helpful. Delonda said it is similar to the one Jackie had given them previously.

Round Robin

  • Cindy: She has been working on the Air Force Cambridge Research Lab. Reports. She is also working of the Office of Statistics serials.
  • Melissa: She is also working on the Air Force Cambridge Research Lab. Reports.
  • Hang: He finished an evaluation of shrinkwrap for storage books.
  • Fern: She has been doing no-barcodes work.
  • Trish: She temporarily is not going to ALF.
  • Susan: She is working on Atomic Energy Commission monographs.
  • Athy: She is working on Atomic Energy Commission monographs.
  • Hank: He is doing Agriculture serials mostly, and also some bound together serials mixed in with monographs.
  • Delonda: She has mostly been working on JSTOR inventory preparation such as the database she built and developing the workflow, and works on de-duplication. There is a new employee who needs a photo.
  • Angie: She has a few more Bureau of Labor Statistics that have to be moved from monographic to serial treatment.
  • Jorge: Tuesdays he works in tandem with Fern on upgrades and originals. Thursdays he works with Atomic Energy Commission, but lately has been solving StoGen problems then. He pointed out that among the no-barcode books there are difficult multi-volume sets. Since it is best to have as many parts of the set together as possible when working on them he has begun setting partial sets aside while other parts accumulate.
  • Terri: She has been working with Fern’s problems and no-barcode books. She also works on the OCLC reclamation project. She said one withdrawn book had been trayed already.
  • Jackie: She has been checking Angie, Donna and Athy’s original and enhance records and has been doing originals and series authorities for Priscilla.
  • Jan: She said that Donna and Jimmie have written an article about the project for the Documents to the People (DTTP) fall issue. The title is, “Cataloging Pre-1976 Documents at the University of Florida, or the StoDocs Project.”
  • Chelsea: She is increasing the turnaround for IA; 4 shipments came back and she will be getting more to send. Next will be the Fugitives and the DPI books.
  • Beatriz: She completed the photograph wall at the ALF Café, but now there is another staff member and she will take his picture soon. She has been working on withdrawal of duplicate documents.
  • Carol and Mary: they have been working on barcoding the documents in MSL and solving problems.

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