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Stodocs Project

Stodocs Team Meeting Notes

February 15, 2010

Present: Carol, Mary, Jan, Cathy, Chelsea, Todd, Hank, Cindy, Fern, and Jimmie.

Absent: Jackie B., Terri, Betsy, and Nancy


Shared books procedure -- Jimmie

The summary procedure below for cataloging book documents with copy was distributed on the verso of the agenda. Some staff had recently begun working with monographs and had responded that it was helpful to them. It was also mentioned that upgrades from previous cataloging styles to AACR2 should not be done and that deleted Aleph records should not be reused. 


What to do next: gathering order – All

Criteria for gathering order have been flexible with emphasis on fat first, front to back, best utilization of available staff, and best advantage of the temporarily available database for SuDoc numbers. Cathy mentioned the possibility of requiring reuse of some of the shelving being vacated by the completed documents for materials from MSL compact shelving. Vacating the shelves from the back end will be most helpful in this event because of adjacent empty shelving. Now gathering order will continue to be flexible and incorporate some of the above criteria except that other things being equal items will be chosen from the back end in order to more quickly vacate that shelving area.



What to do when storage duplicates are identified - All 

Only one copy can go into remote storage.

Jan said on further consideration the decision is not to review and bring back second copies of documents items, so Terry can go ahead and withdraw them. There was a discussion of our current policy to ignore the existence of additional copies in non-Documents areas of ALF. Cathy expressed concern that these second copies might be ingested into trays without awareness that they duplicate documents items. This might occur either before or after cataloging of the documents copy. A process is needed to tag these for review so branch selectors can choose to either return them to stacks or withdraw them. A TKR was suggested. [Betsy suggested we run a report to identify these based on locations to enable deciding on withdrawal or return to the branch by selectors. Identifying also those duplicates located in the branches might also be helpful to them as candidates for weeding.] Sometimes copies in ALF from branches may be trayed before the corresponding documents copy. That would generally become the only copy kept and the record would be revised to show SuDocs numbers on the holdings record. Jan said this would make it easier to retrieve the records. Fern later suggested including a staff note ($z) that the actual label shows the particular previous number in the HOL to reduce confusion.



              Followup on sticker placement – Cathy

Continue to place the barcodes on the back of the books.

              Progress on cleanup of barcode input errors – All

All but a small number of those known errors which could not be found using the barcode number are already corrected. A more comprehensive report has been requested through a GROVER and will be distributed for correction when it becomes available.


Single page/skinny stuff – options for storage, etc. – Cathy 

These are expected to pose real problems for tray storage. For now staff will place completed skinny items in separate areas or boxes from the other completed materials. Possibilities were discussed and are still being explored such as digitizing via IA and not retaining the print or variant methods of boxing or binding apart from the normal practices. 


Results of Fire Marshall Inspection on Thursday – Cathy

Wiring was found to be too tight and resting on something so that some rewiring will be required. We will be given a heads-up when that is to occur.


Yon Hall boxes – Cathy

The Yon Hall boxes are documents that were sent to storage during the time that Yon Hall space was made available to the libraries many years ago and will be part of the project.

Cathy asked what would happen if we did not complete the documents cataloging before it becomes necessary to move everything into the remote storage facility. Jan explained that some space would be opened up when the serials set was moved out and some items could be temporarily moved there while cataloging continued. It may also be possible as that situation becomes likely that additional workers would be added to the project to speed completion, either as temporary workers or reassignments. We are making great progress so far.


Terri should be back soon. Nancy will be out 2/15-16 and 2/26-3/8.


Shared Documents: Procedure for Cataloging Member Copy:

  • Verify that copy matches by comparing 1XX, 7XX, 24X, 250, 260, 300 4XX and 8XX fields in OCLC record to item in hand.  
  • Search item by title in ALEPH to verify if a record has already been loaded and to check for duplicate records.  
  • Verify that the correct OCLC record has been downloaded
    • Search OCLC for correct record and export to ALEPH, (overlaying any existing provisional or inferior record; usually after editing).
  • Make any needed corrections to the bib record.
  • Authority Work (click here for information on how to read an authority record)
    • Besides verifying (and making needed corrections to) the 1XX, 7XX, 24X, 250, 260, 300 4XX and 8XX fields, check the validity of the main subject headings (if any) by going to CONNEXION and using the control headings functions. Personal names are only controlled with “control all” if they have qualifiers and placement of geographic terms is not reliably indicated. Use of single heading control for headings not underlined after control all is often necessary to connect to existing authority records.
      • If some subject headings are not verified or are not LC subject headings,
        • Check the main subject heading (subfield a) and verify that it is correct. We are not required to verify sub-headings. You may do so, however, at your own discretion.
    • Check series and name authorities using Connexion. 
      • If the series is given in a 490 and does not have an 830, verify that the 1st indicator of the 490 field matches the information in the 645 on the authority record, (i.e. is the series traced or not?). First indicator 1 means the series is traced, 0 means that it is not.
      • If no authority exists for a numbered series, create a series authority or pass along to someone who will.
      • If there is a problem with the series, refer to Jackie or Hank.
      • If no authority exists for a name (personal or corporate), in most cases, we do not create an authority for a personal, corporate or conference name unless one is needed to resolve a conflict. Consult with Jackie or Hank first if you feel a name authority is needed to resolve a problem such as a split file. 

Details regarding use of TKR macro and SuDoc numbers has been discussed previously and is not included here except to point out that SuDoc numbers and other existing classification numbers should be retained in the bibliographic record. When other numbers are removed temporarily to support HOL creation with the SuDoc number they should be pasted back afterwards.  

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