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Stodocs Project

Stodocs Team Meeting Notes

February 21, 2011

Present: Jimmie, Hank, Angie, Hang, Delonda, Cathy, Chelsea, Jan, Carol, Mary, Fern, Betsy, Jorge, Melissa, Cindy, Susan, Beatriz

Absent: Jackie, Terri  


Workflow and monographs cheat sheet

Jorge and Jackie had prepared draft workflow diagram, process and cheat sheet for monograph cataloging at StoDocs. There was some discussion about barcode placement when significant text would be obscured. Smaller barcodes may become available as some have been purchased for the Map & Imagery Library. 

Dupes without OCLC numbers list

This is not specifically a StoDocs issue and it is being taken up elsewhere. As a subset of the records on the list without OCLC numbers in 035 fields, but instead included them in 023 fields and that can be repaired in batch. They were Marcive records. Delonda has a list of about 1,000 of the duplicates report that lack OCLC numbers.

Heating, Equipment and Supplies

Hooray for heat!

Access to finished items

When you require an item that has already been trayed, please e-mail Hang with your request and include the barcode number. He will pull the item and re-file it after you finish with it. When changes are made to these that require attaching them to a different HOL, you must move the ITEM rather than putting a new barcode on it and withdrawing the old ITEM.

Round Robin 

  • Jackie sent notes in advance: I am still working on AEC research and development reports, specifically the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory of the University of California in New Mexico.  The students have been bringing books down from the top shelves, which is a help. In the last few weeks I have enhanced a little more than 50 books in OCLC leaving the Aleph work for the students.  Fern and I worked a whole day on the dedupe teams errors. There are still more to do.  Chelsea sent me a pile of Code of performance standards that did not get changed from the serial record. I worked three days here in the office finishing those. There are still more (not many). Some were already accessioned so I will talk to Hang about how to handle those. I believe the items will have to be moved rather than deleting and reusing the barcode.”  
  • Melissa is continuing to work on the NASA Contractor Reports. These are bound together monographs that require LKR’s.  
  • Hang is back from his daughter’s wedding. It was wonderful, but he was very sick with bronchitis. 
  • Hank is working on Oak Ridge Laboratory, and has changed his schedule to only go to ALF on Fridays.  
  • Jan, Carol & Mary were there and did not make a specific report.  
  • Cathy said there had been the first fire alarm test at ALF. The drill is to go outside through the nearest door and meet out front in the red fire meter area. She asked everyone to continue monitoring network speed. There will be a Mardi Gras party at ALF on March 8 and Cathy will bring cake and paper goods (others will bring other goodies or drinks). There was a money planning meeting on Wednesday, and there is a plan to hire 2 or 3 more staff. There is a fleet of beautiful purple/plum colored book trucks and they will get numbers put on them. Bad older trucks should be reported and labeled as such. The plans for a trailer are on hold.  
  • Susan D. is cataloging reports from Hanford Labs. Some of these need subjects. She was working on Thursdays, but is switching to Mondays.  
  • Fern is cataloging NASA Contractor reports & helped with problems from Delonda.  
  • Delonda has been de-duping stuff. Megan’s accident resulted in her being confined to working at a desk after having been out for 2 weeks. She will need more staff. There is slow connection speed in the database she uses, so Logan will install a small server at ALF for that. We should monitor changes in connection speed which should improve after that happens.  
  • Angie has been cataloging NASA Technical Notes which are bound together monographs and require LKR’s.  
  • Jorge is working on oodles of Nuclear [whatevers] … He worked with Jackie to create the draft workflow, cheat sheet and diagram. He has been assigning subjects for records that lack them.  
  • Beatriz has been cataloging NASA Oakridge documents and goes to ALF on Wednesdays.  
  • Betsy has been working on planning the Congressional Hearings on campus inventory/cataloging project with Jan. She also supervises the student assistants.  
  • Chelsea sent around 1,000 Commerce Dept. reports to DLC for scanning. These were ultraskinnies. She sent about 500 to Internet Archives.  
  • Cindy is cataloging NASA Technical Notes which are bound together & require LKR’s.

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