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Stocat Team Meeting Notes

March 4, 2013

Document work updates
Jackie reported problems from the last couple of weeks in OCLC installations which kept staff from their work. Found on the shelves and being cataloged by Jackie and Susan are publications from a Peaceful Nuclear program requiring originals and Joint Research Services requiring originals and many are serials which will be given to Hank. There have been lots of Dewey documents to be reclassified into SuDocs with many problematic. Most StoDocs staff are cataloging education now. Audrey is working on copy cataloging.

Non-Federal uncataloged documents at ALF
There are uncataloged documents other than federal which will require cataloging so they can go into FLARE. Most (about 48 linear feet) are European. Chelsea and Jodie have a plan to review the Florida and Planning documents at ALF soon. There are about as many European documents currently in MSL as in ALF. Federal documents are still higher priority, but Jackie works on European and other on Fridays when she is on campus.

Congressional Hearings update
Mary and Carol are working on this and it is going OK, although they have been working on MARCIVE a lot lately which has slowed progress on this.

Documents staffing
In a holding pattern still since last month. Hang reported that an increase is beginning in no-barcode and no-oclc work which will require staff time due to work with the brittle books that had been set aside. These will get reported to the other SUL’s in hopes some will be able to be replaced by copies in better condition.

Environmental/security concerns such as unlocked entry
A new suggestion has arisen that a check-out key on a stick (or maybe 2) be used by temporary staff going out on breaks. Other solutions that had been considered have one or another disadvantage. Hang will study the new suggestion and get back to us.

Round Robin for Documents

  • Chelsea: She is working with Committee prints that are ready to scan. She is studying the best path for digitization of the Panama Canal documents.
  • Hank: He has been cataloging items put on his care as possible serials; he put about 1/3 of the remaining AEC serials on his truck for cataloging.
  • Jorge: He has been cataloging AEC documents.
  • Jodie: She has been working with Chelsea on digitization; she be working with Chelsea on the non-federal documents at ALF.
  • Jackie: She has been cataloging original Y3 documents. She has been having Audrey sort the cataloged documents to identify Center of Excellence items. She has done authority work on about 25 series.
  • Betsy: She responded to problems Hang reported with the ALFDocs spreadsheet.  She has been working on statistics reporting and we are now almost half finished if there are 300,000 as our estimate states. There was a problem on ITM LKR’s that Todd reported and it was quickly fixed by FLVC, so any other problems should be reported; hopefully, they could be fixed quickly as well.
  • Cindy: She has been cataloging Health, Education and Welfare documents, recently focusing on some that are bound together.
  • Delonda: She has been finding more federal documents among the Dewey and passing them to Jackie.
  • Lois: She wanted to verify the statistics on the StoDocs webpage since she will be reporting for the CSUL meetings this week and would like to include them as part of impressive progress.
  • Carol & Mary: They have been working on Congressional Hearings and Committee Prints as well as Marcive and problems from Jackie.
  • Susan: She has been working on the 2 stacks of series Jackie mentioned that require original cataloging.
  • Beatriz: She has been doing withdrawals and cataloging Education documents.
  • Patricia and Melissa: They were out today.

Dewey Monograph work concentrations and cataloger problems
The no-barcode and no-oclc had been minimal recently, but the tray staff have begun work with Brittle Books which have more cataloging problems. Since staff go between ALF and ILF this impacts the rate of work in ALF.

Serials cataloging in storage update
Hank reported he has finished about 1/3 of the Journalism Library serials work he has been doing at ALF using a laptop. Naomi pointed out that until he handles them they display as “unavailable”. The laptop can only be used for about 2 hours before the battery goes out. Getting a second laptop was suggested, then Hang said he had an idea he will work with Hank on to use AC power in the ALF stacks. Hak has been training Delonda and Tabby on serials work on Friday mornings. Naomi mentioned the challenges of inventorying annuals and also mentioned monographs that have been shelved using classed-as-a-whole numbers.

Dewey cataloger staffing
In a holding pattern since last month, but soon to require increase due to Brittle Books as well as later in the month likely AUX books.

Interim News
TempForce prospective hires were interviewed last week, with hiring likely this week. Dee Hawes has started working at ILF. It is hard to start on University of Miami materials. We finally received a full spreadsheet of these in February which was able to be released to the Shared Storage Task Force Friday. MSL materials have been received at ILF that are in good order, fully cataloged and with barcodes. The University of Miami work will be slow, but they have paid $245,000 for this year’s storage work now. Some may visit ALF and/or ILF this week from the CSUL meeting. 6 TempForce staff will be hired for Aleph processing at ILF. Hang has been acquiring shelving and trays for ILF. The ILF materials will not yet be in a separate Aleph ADM, but will be accessioned using sublibrary and collection UFSTO, ILF after Hang gets it established through IT. Betsy mentioned that a new 049 code to correspond to this location will be needed and she will request it through OCLC. Hank mentioned there will be a need for a macro incorporating the new code. Jorge asked if there will be original cataloging required at ILF. The contributing SUL’s have been asked to send only fully cataloged materials, but it is likely that there will be cases of wrong edition records being used or missed serials title changes that will call for some original cataloging as we find with the UF storage materials.

Round Robin for Dewey & ILF work

  • Hank: He has been training Tabby & Delonda on Friday mornings.
  • Hang: See contributions above.
  • Jorge: He has been cataloging no-oclc original books, helping Fern, and doing original cataloging for dedup problem books.
  • Jackie: She has been reclassifying federal materials from Dewey to SuDocs that were identified by the Delonda and her team.
  • Delonda: She has been working on the Deduplication Project which has been going smoothly. There are about 20,000 remaining in the project so they are on target for the June deadline. She has been working on training and getting ready at ILF.
  • Lois: See contributions above.
  • Susan: She has been doing original cataloging on no-oclc books.
  • Randy: He has cataloged some no-oclc foreign language books and done transfer and reclassification of books John Ingram identified for the Rare Books Collection on Wednesdays.
  • Terri: She finished a project for Jane Anne from the OCLC reclamation and is not at ALF every day now. She has a truck of problems there, some with sticky notes from Fern.
  • Fern: She gave Terri some problems with sticky notes. She has been cataloging books from the Deduplication Project and working with no-barcode books.
  • Jimmie: She has been boing to ALF and reviewing problems from Susan about every other Friday afternoon.

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