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Cataloging and Metadata
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Division of Scholarly Resources and Research Services
Cataloging and Metadata Department

Stocat Team Meeting Notes

March 5, 2012

DPI Collaboration

Cataloging work begun. Almost 4 of the 11 boxes are finished. There are some that we or others already cataloged and many others requiring originals. Jackie and Susan D. are doing the monographs and the serials are going to Hank. Some are second copies. When it is a second copy in a different location it should be added. When it is a second copy in hand for the same location, the better copy should be cataloged and the other(s) not cataloged but kept together with the copy that is cataloged. DPI wants the boxes they came in to go back to them.

Overview of progress and challenges remaining
Agriculture is mostly done. The DOD documents are not all easy. There are many looseleaf with updates, and a plan will need to be developed for effective management of the many separately issued updates. The replaced sections should be kept rather than discarded.

Safety practices discussion

There is an existing rule that ALF as a warehouse requires closed-toed footwear. Not everyone was aware of this before, but now we are and all expressed willingness to comply.

Changes in staff and schedules http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/catmet/ALFStoDocsSchedule.html

Environmental, supplies, and/or equipment notes

The older computers at ALF (620’s) are going to be replaced with other used computers (745 pluses). IT did updates on the printer software and Hang replaced the toner cartridge, so now it is working OK now. Please report any future problems with it to Hang. He said the network backup is down. Donna asked that everyone be more clean in the bathroom, please.

Round Robin

  • Jan: The fugitive documents are still under discussion by Judy Russell for possibly having us assign SuDocs numbers. The University of Miami has some older Congressional Hearings, and they will send the ones we do not have to us. Our project to inventory all of our holding of these has stalled since Paul McDonough transferred out and his position is frozen, but it was complete approximately to the point at which we began receiving all of them. year we became a Regional Depository and received and retained everything.
  • Cindy: Has finished the agriculture she was working with. Friday she tried some defense, but they did not have copy, then another agency with FS. Now she is working with some Civil Service Commission documents that have copy.
  • Todd: Is not going to ALF right now because the traying has slowed down.
  • Hank: Has fresh road kill on his cart every week.
  • Susan D.: Cataloged nuclear documents for 2 weeks, then switched to working on DPI.
  • Jackie: Is working on DPI. She trained our new volunteer, Mary Gay Anderson and is reviewing her work along with that from the others.
  • Chelsea: She is prepping 4 boxes from ALF for digitization. The skinny ones go to UFDC where the students already know what to do although Gus, (who was taking care of these), recently left for IT. When asked if she were ready for more boxes yet she said DPI and fugitive documents boxes could be sent. Boxes should not be filled too full.
  • Cathy: She is looking forward to having the 745-plus computers which are expected after the new computers are delivered to Cataloging (which is happening today and tomorrow). The project to pull the ALF Docs and place them in the StoDocs shelving area has turned out to be different than expected. Pullers are finding additional items on the shelves as they pull that are not on the list, so there will be more than we thought before.
  • Terri: She is not doing no-barcode problems due to the slow-down right now, but she is working on other problems.
  • Mary and Carol: They are barcoding agriculture documents on campus.
  • Beatriz: She is withdrawing extra copies.
  • Donna: Was working of DOD, but is now searching for a batch of materials with copy to work on.
  • Angie: Was out Friday, but is now looking for things to catalog.
  • Lila: She is working on no-barcode books.
  • Athy: She is working on AEC books with copy.
  • Hang: Has been working on a couple of purchases of trays and shrinkwrap and some discretionary fund purchases.
  • Cathy: The news on a temporary storage facility is that there is no news. In the Airport Industrial Park north of the airport there is a larger and smaller building that may or may not work out. The smaller one is empty but requires installation of climate control, and the larger one is full but should be empty by fall.
  • Jorge: Is cataloging AEC on Thursdays and doing StoGen originals and problem-solving on Tuesdays for Fern, Hang and Patsy.
  • Melissa: Is working on Airforce Cambridge documents and is keeping their location secret.
  • Delonda: Has been working with JSTOR to get workflow ready. Has made practice 583’s.

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