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Stodocs Project

Stodocs Team Meeting Notes

March 15, 2010

Present: Carol, Mary, Jan, Cathy, Chelsea, Todd, Hank, Cindy, Jackie B., Terri, Betsy, Nancy, and Jimmie.

Absent: Fern (Jury duty)  

  • Gathering Order: Criteria for gathering order have been flexible with emphasis on fat first, back to front, best utilization of available staff. We are redirecting most staff to doing more true serials, (Not so much those serials that are analyzed and usually called monographs), at this stage. This may help our situation later in the project when we may have fewer serials-capable staff, and also near the end when we may need to relocate remaining uncataloged items to limited space in Documents Dept. and/or Cataloging. The monographic analytics that were being done are still great progress and appreciated, (sorry if I made it sound otherwise). We just needed to begin to apply the criteria for gathering a little differently than was done for a while for a better focus of staff time during this stage of the project.
  • Authority Work: Going along, no questions.
  • Skinny Stuff: Cathy prefers term, "Government Documents Pamphlets". These are now being placed in a separate area after cataloging. Cathy said some pamphlets on thicker paper may work OK in the trays, in comparison to those on thin paper.  Chelsea said there are 4 types: single pge, stapled with few pages, maps that are folded, and items with text direction varied. A sample will be made up and sent to IA to determine cost of scanning. Those items scanned will still need to be returned and retained, but can be housed as "dark" and treated physically differently after scanning.
  • Scanners: Hang had requested IT to work on scanners at ALF. Josh recalibrated 2 of the StoDocs scanners, but some were not done yet. Hank will send a new Grover with the WSID's of the ones not done yet and ask that they be recalibrated also. Even with scanners that work better, we still have to watch carefully to make sure barcode numbers get input correctly. Cathy talked about the reports from the traying which showed about 1% of trayed items did not match up correctly to Aleph. Hang pulls the ones that don't match and fixes them. About half of that 1% were human errors. This is not a bad rate, but it is still good to be careful. The complex problems Hang identifies will be given to Hank or Jackie. 
  • Duplicates: Since other ALF location materials are not yet being trayed, we should not yet have problems with duplicates getting unintentionally trayed. A report is needed to assess the titles in non-Docs parts of ALF that duplicate those in ALF so they can be pulled and referred to selectors for decision to withdraw or return to campus location.  When Dewey & LC materials at ALF begin to be trayed, or possibly sooner, it will be necessary to provide another alternative for identifying these such as possibly printing them out and giving them to Hang or else putting a standard note in the HOL record for the non-Docs. copies so they can be found easily.
  • Round Robin: Hank is pulling trucks for Nancy and Cindi; Betsy is working with Jason on the statistics report and will send it soon; Jackie is working on all originals from the AEC Research & Development reports monograph set (from the initial priority list); Jodi reported that Jason had changed locations from Docs,Gen to the StoDocs location in Aleph for a large group of materials based on a specific call number range that were known to be in ALF. These will be able to be distinguished by the lack of a TKR for StoDocs on the bib, and the they will generally not have a barcode on the outside of the item like the ones we have completed for StoDocs cataloging; Todd has been working on LKR's for monographs in series and a macro is almost ready to make those easy to do. When it is ready to share we will have a training class and be sure to include folks from Docs.; Jan said there is a huge project underway in Docs. using student assistants to barcode items there that were previously cataloged but not barcoded; Terry has lots of withdrawals from the MSL weeding project as well as StoDocs; Cindy is now working on the House and Senate reports. 

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