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Cataloging and Metadata
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Stodocs Project

Stodocs Team Meeting Notes

March 21, 2011

Present: Jimmie, Hank, Angie, Cathy, Chelsea, Jan, Carol, Mary, Fern, Betsy, Jorge, Melissa, Cindy, Susan, Beatriz, Terri

Absent: Jackie, Jody  


Review of help sheets, etc.
Instructions for shared cataloging in StoDocs that were created last spring and the cheat sheet and shorter instructions written recently were distributed. After revision these will go into AlephPro. Catalogers, please read these carefully and send any suggestions or comments. Please take responsibility for asking about anything not completely understood to Jackie, Jorge, Hank or Jimmie. We don’t expect anyone to know it all and we feel uneasy if you don’t ask us enough questions. Betsy asked that if anyone realizes they have been leaving something out or making the same mistake on a batch of items, it is important to let us know quickly in case we can run batch corrections, etc.

Staffing changes
Donna Reynolds will start full time at ALF on April 4 when Melissa will begin only working 2 days per week at ALF. She and Melissa will be working with the Copy Cataloging Unit when they are not at ALF after that. Fern’s last ALF day before retirement will be March 30. Student schedules for the summer are still being worked out. Kay graduates this term, but may be here this summer.

Environmental and/or equipment issues
It’s nice to have heat! Network speed hasn’t changed lately.

Round Robin

  • Jackie and Jody were out due to a death in the family.
  • Melissa: Still working on NASA Contractor Reports.
  • Angie: Working on NASA Technical Notes with lots of bound together titles requiring LKR’s to connect them.
  • Fern: Working on NASA Contractor Reports also. Reorganized the problem shelves and put labels on them recently.
  • Cindy: Working on NASA Technical Reports. Has learned to use text strings in Connexion.
  • Jan: Has been working on budget proposal for project on inventorying the Congressional Hearings that will lead to their later being cataloged based on the remote versions.
  • Betsy: After hearing that the Feb. statistics were not correct she submitted a Grover on specifications of the report to learn what is going wrong. She has been wondering what the impact of the disasters in Japan will be on requests for older documents concerning nuclear testing, etc.
  • Mary: Working with Jan on Congressional Hearings.
  • Carol: Working with Jan on Congressional Hearings.
  • Hank: Has put the remaining zero OCLC Agriculture serials on a cart and will mix working on them with finishing the Oak Ridge Nuclear laboratories serials.
    Jorge: Has been working on Oak Ridge and Los Alamos nuclear-related titles and being sad since they make him think about the nuclear power plant accidents in Japan.
  • Terri: Has been working on a bunch of withdrawals and on non-StoDocs materials.
  • Cathy: Tomorrow is Sandy’s goodby party. ALF is being pressure-washed today and tomorrow so cars should be parked away from the building while that is going on. The funding timeline can now be interpreted to say that there will not be a groundbreaking of the new facility until around July 2013. There will not be funds for a trailer this year. We now will have more time to get materials ready for the new facility, and there is a new project to improve management of serials at ALF.
  • Chelsea: Sent 1400 very skinny items to DLC for scanning, and sent about 500 more less skinny ones to Internet Archive (total now about 1500). She is requesting more student help for this work.
  • Clinton: Doing his normal work. He brought Melissa and other ALF staff to the meeting—Thanks!
  • Beatriz: Working on Lawrence Radiation Laboratory materials.
  • Susan D.: Working on nuclear series and subjects on the needs-subjects shelf. Jorge mentioned that shelf fills up fast.

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