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Division of Scholarly Resources and Research Services
Cataloging and Metadata Department

Stocat Team Meeting Notes

April 1, 2013

Document work updates
AEC done? Hank has only a small stack of AEC serials and we will be finished with those soon. Maps? There are some Geological Survey series maps shelved next to where the AEC was. Jorge had researched maps at ALF some time ago, and will look into these to see what questions should be asked of the Map Librarian.

Non-Federal uncataloged documents at ALF
Chelsea looked into these and was absent, so we will ask her about them next month.

Congressional Hearings update
Ongoing work. Committee prints are being digitized.

Documents staffing
Reduction to address Dewey flow.

Possibility of “Guest Keys” for security concerns
Hang looked into this and was absent. Lois will follow up with him and send an email.

Round Robin for Documents

  • Susan: She helped Jackie with completion of Peaceful Applications of Atomic Energy documents and has begun work on Joint Research Service documents.
  • Hank: He has been working on the problem documents on his truck first, then working on the AEC serials but has only a few of those left.
  • Cindy: She is continuing to catalog Health, Education & Welfare documents.
  • Betsy: She announced that we have passed the half-way point on the StoDocs Project. Of the estimated 300,000 documents we now have completed work on more than 150,000 items.
  • Jan: She said that Mary Alice Baish, Supt. Of Documents will be visiting. She will be at ALF/ILF Thursday morning and will meet with Betsy, etc. Thursday afternoon. We will bring up issues concerning Fugitive Documents. Other problems such as those with serials cataloging records might better be addressed through Chelsea who is now chair of the GODORT Cataloging committee or through the Documents listserv. The Head of the National Agriculture Library will be on campus next week and will be interested in our cataloging of NAL documents.
  • Naomi: She told us about a NASIG poster-type presentation for the meeting in June in Buffalo proposed by Naomi, Hank and Jan about the StoDocs project.
  • Mary & Carol: They are barcoding Prints and solving problems.

Dewey Monograph work concentrations and cataloger problems
Agriculture classification books look like Dewey but are not and should be given HOL 852 indicator 8 as call number, other. Jimmie updated the Storage Notes for Catalogers webpage and would like feedback. The problem books coming through recently seem easier than in the fall and have fewer foreign language books.

Dewey cataloger staffing
Increase to address Dewey flow. Audrey has reduced her ALF hours and will now be at ALF Mondays and alternate Fridays, Donna to begin part-time likely Monday or Thursday or a combination of both, picking up the hours Audrey cut.

Serials cataloging in storage update
Naomi reported that she and Hank had spent March 22 training staff to work with serials at ILF. She will soon begin a schedule of working there certain days on an ongoing basis and using Campus Cab. Some macros designed for supporting this work have been requested, and Hank has spoken with MJ about them. Specific wording is needed for the 583 field macro, but a draft version can be used for development then replaced with the desired text when it becomes available. Naomi and Lois will plan to meet next week. Naomi pointed out that due to the nature of serials their records are often revisited.

Interim News
Lois reported that progress is being made at ILF. One of the new TempForce staff left for another kind of work. However, we will not fill that position immediately because we expect Temp-Force staff currently completing deduplication of monographs at ALF to be available in June for possible reassignment. Funding for the UF 366 HDF and ALF Renovation project is anticipated in July 2014, now that the design is done and we are shovel-ready. Construction would likely begin by October 2014. It is estimated as an 18 month project, with approximately 12-13 months for HDF construction. When the HDF is built, construction will pause for an estimated 8 weeks while the contents of ALF are loaded into the HDF. Then renovation of ALF would begin.

Environmental, supplies, and/or equipment notes
None reported.

Round Robin for Dewey & ILF work

  • Terri: She is now working 2 days per week at ALF and has almost completed her problem cart there. Now she is working on no-barcodes.
  • Susan: She is doing original cataloging for Dewey books. Lately the problem books seem to have more shared available, are easier to catalog and have fewer foreign languages.
  • Hank: He works on the Journalism serials transfers every other Wednesday. Using direct power for the laptop is very helpful, but these are on shelves at the top of a high ladder so lots of climbing is necessary. When he completes the transfers after about 3 more sessions he will barcode the ones of these that lack barcodes. This work results in these volumes becoming able to be requested by users. He has been working parts of Friday mornings with Tabby’s crew at ILF on serials, and all day on the 22nd, and also did a useful follow-up visit there on the 27th.
  • Jorge: He has been cataloging Dewey problem books.
  • Melissa: She has been helping Audrey with her questions and handling no-barcode books.
  • Lois: She said that feedback was given by UF to FLVC last week regarding the project to set up a FLARE adm in Aleph. The target date for completion of that project is early June.
  • Fern: She had been working with Patsy resolving Deduplication problems, but now is working on “no-barcode” books.
  • Randy: He has been cataloging “no-oclc” books and completing transfer and reclassification for books selected by John Ingram for Rare Books.
  • Jimmie: She goes to ALF most Friday afternoons to work on problem books referred to her and sometimes takes work from the “no-oclc” shelves to catalog.

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